Highlighting: Major & Minor

The pattern sequencer for Renoise, while robust and precise, can also be somewhat daunting to look at. Being a fellow who enjoys organization, I would like to suggest that the ‘highlight every xx lines’ feature be expanded to include major and minor highlights.

To clarify I would suggest the feature look something like this:

Major highlight every xx lines <> [16]  
Minor highlight every xx lines <> [04]  

This would bring the advantage of organizing our Renoise sequences into a format similar to sheet music, so we could mark each bar and each beat. I know for my eyes this would be very helpful.

Thank you.

Ah, yes I was wondering why the CheeseTracker pattern editor was faster for me. :)


I guess this would help some people, but I eventually got rid of highlight minor in IT because it was only distracting me. But I know this would be great if one would use really long LPBs for example, then it is not that easy to see where the beats are. BTW sheet music does not include beat markers, but I guess you already knew that.

Go for it if you want to, as long as you can set it off. Also highlight amount or color setting is a must.

Sheet music should have pattern effect commands. Renoise team, make this happen.

also +1. If this is implemented someone will have to go through all of the themes and choose the right color.

Wanna meet that guy.


+1 (/me already looked for this)



This should be saved with each song.

Yes, poor wording on my part. :blink:

Thanks for all the pluses everybody, what’s the current high score?


Yeah, and the same for the pattern editor please!


+awesome. Yet another idea I thought of just a couple of days ago - of course it would help, especially for beginners who would find it difficult to associate certain rhythms with the numbers on the left alone.

Also would be nice to change these highlighters for different patterns to allow for mixed time sigs.

i too thought about this one… it’s nothing i would neccesarily need but hey… would be nice to have this one.

I volunteer. I’d do it like this.

  1. delete all themes.

  2. post an announcement in the forum calling for the submission of new/updated themes.

+1, level up, +1, +1 +1 Hi! I’m an RPG obsessed pokénerd…+1 :rolleyes:

Would it be better to have slightly tinted background colors instead of colored rows (even/odd style)? I personally read tinted backgrounds faster than rows as I quickly see which notes/commands belong to what time.

+1 anyway

I’d write a script that calculates highlight minor from highlight major, same color but less contrast with background, and then batch proccess the theme files. If I could.

It’s not neccessary to deleta all the themes, updating can be done without.

very very good idea!

I was looking for this a few times but now I know why i could’t find it ;)

Yeah, I’d love to see that, or an option for it. Marking blocks of rows instead of the first one does not only look better (to me), it’s also how it’s done in the pattern sequencer.

I know this one is quite old, but given it’s still not implemented, I’ll +1 as a reminder.