Hitori Tori - Kinematics

One of Renoise’s finest, in my opinion:


I’m a fan.

I want to toss out a link to his Youtube channel too: http://www.youtube.com/user/hitoritori - (warning: may cause a strong desire to own an Ohm64 controller!)

Amazing stuff!

Hell yeah, I second that motion. An unsung hero and an absolute renoise wizard. Although, I do think ‘Thieves, murderers, motherfuckers’ every time I hear the Bangles now, as a direct result of this!:

He definitely deserves a slot on the artist page IMHO and I don’t think a demo song in one of the upcoming releases would do licence upgrade numbers any harm either…

totally agree . love his stuff

Absolutely fantastic.

Too late, already happened.

Awesome stuff!

How does he start playback of the instance of Renoise which is in the background without focusing it? (EG 4m09s)Seems to be done through MIDI but as he’s using the same controller in each instance doesn’t that imply focused Renoise instance is taking control of the MIDI device? No matter how he is doing things it’s inspiring! :)

EDIT: Referring to this video on Youtube if it wasn’t obvious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggvqN6viaN8

The MIDI communicates with all Renoise instances.

Not to keep posting links, but if you check out his tumblr, theres addition descriptions as to whats happening:


Actually that would make sense. First two started manually (somehow) at the start and then the third started via MIDI (or all three started by MIDI then last one stopped so it could be started at a later date.)

Thanks for the link Wot Gwaan. Helps get a little deeper into what he’s doing.

Fan page bump, new live jam, hotness:


He commented on my track on Soundcloud :)

Always nice to get props from somebody who’s work you like :D