Holding Shift Doesn't Stay On Line in Sample FX Column

" When recording an effect column value, the cursor automatically moves down to the next line. If you want the cursor to advance to the right instead, hold “Left Shift” while entering the values"

This works for track FX, but for the sample FX column, if you, for example, enter -V while holding left shift in order to stay on the same line to enter an fx value, it jumps to the next line. This doesn’t happen in the track fx column, as expected. The cursor ~will~ stay on the line while your cursor is on the value area and entering a value in the sample fx column, but if you are entering the FX type you would expect to be able to then enter the value without it jumping to the next line, just like the track fx column.

what do you mean by sample fx column? like vol and dly?

I’m not having any trouble getting the cursor to advance to the right in either case…

Directly after those two, if you click the “FX” button in the bottom of the pattern editor, it opens a Sample FX column. This the column I’m talking about. If you click the + symbol in the upper right hand part of a track, that opens a Track FX column. Behavior is as expected there.

Oh yeah, what’s up with that?

Ah, I see. Yes, seems like buggy behavior, alright…

Guess I never use the sample fx column :upside_down_face:

I hope this bug to be fixed. Maybe very easy.