⮚ Renoise 3.4.4 bugfix release

A bugfix release for Renoise is now available for registered users. The changes do not affect Redux, so Redux has not been updated.

This build is marked as beta for now, but if there are no major issues with the build, it will be released as a stable version next week - as is.

Download as usual from

The betas are currently only available to registered Renoise users only: Demo versions will be uploaded as soon as the release goes stable.



Morning, @taktik. Thanks for the fixes!

Now waiting anxiously for 3.5 :grin: :pray:


Bro came back with an update like the Avatar coming back to save the world. We were waiting for you boss, thanks. :pray:

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Excellent. Thank you sir.

Now the real test: Does it break Akaizer

Hello, thank you for the update.

Here to report that the formula device formula-box seems to be updating without any error. Cheers

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:tada: :tada: :tada:

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