Hot Buttered Command Line Action

Is it possible with the registered version of Renoise to access the WAV writer from the command line? Once we’re all creating endless streams of algorithmic .xrns sillyness it would be cool to be able to have the app that created the .xrns to be able to use renoise to convert it to .wav and then even start the .ogg encoder.

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Not at the moment I think. It’d be neat to have.

You mean something like RNP? (Renoiseplayer)
It will be an easy task for third party developer to create such, but if it will sound 100% renoise compatible…
That’s the question.

No, not really like a renoise player… The free version of renoise acts as a very functional and nice version of that. I’m talking about something we’ve never been able to do before.

What I’m talking about is a way for me to write code that employs renoise to create .ogg files.

This way I can take a pile of input samples, have code that arranges them in all sorts of interesting ways, then takes those arrangements (.xrns files) and exports the .wav files from renoise, then converts those .wavs to .ogg. This way, I can kick this process off before I go to bed, and in the morning have a bunch of .xrns and their associated .ogg, listen to them during the day, decide which ones I like, and which ones I don’t like. Then take the good ones and analyze (programmatically) the .xrns and create more .xrns (and .ogg) that are more like the good ones and less like the bad ones. Every few days throw in a few more samples, weed out a few bad .xrns and slowly evolve better and better music. The computer, with a little help from my good taste will be composing music.

I’m talking about a single elimination Darwinian genetic algorithm fight to the death. I’m talking about the future.

I’m talking out of my ass.

In any event if there was a way for me to specify the .wav writer preferences in the .xrns and then do something like:

c:\renoise\renoise.exe mySweetSong.xrns -WAV mySweetSong.wav

and have it render out the wave, that’d be great.


this has been suggested several times.

the new forum has a pretty well improved search (and editing) facility.

here’s an earlier thread about this

heh, so you want your computer to compose music to you while you are sleeping?? :)

Yeah? Is that too much to ask? ;) hehe!

Ah, Florian thought of it first, he’s the smartest…

Mentioned in that other thread is ClickIT which I’ve never really looked into, but I’ve done dirtier things with autoit than render renoise files to wav. If the devs leave us hanging on this feature, when I buy the full version (contingent on me being able to do the things I want to do with the open file format) I’ll try and whip something up in autoit to render from the command line.



it’s not easy being a supergenius