How About A Collaboration Section?

So I’ve been involved in music production for a while now… and i’ve always been interested in collaborations, but i’ve always had difficulty in finding people who actually use renoise, especially for the genres that I love (drum & bass, dubstep, trip hop, etc…). I know that it’s perfectly viable for people to collaborate who use different DAW’s… but working with the same DAW just makes it so much easier, as you can exchange project files and what not. so finding someone who uses renoise to collaborate with would be a dream come true…

so why not a collaboration section in this forum? i’ve seen it done on other forums, where people make threads with templates such as:

[b]'Name: post the name you would like your work credited under

Skills: list any skills you’d be willing to offer (guitar, keys, horns, mixing, mastering, remixing, vocals, etc.)

Genre: favorite genre’s that you’re interested in collaborating in with someone (drum & bass, hip hop, dubstep, house, etc.)

Contact: the best/ preferred method for someone to contact you about a collaboration. (PM for personal message here, email address, skype/MSN/etc. name.)’[/b]

I just think collaborating with like-minded people is such a awesome way to learn new things and find new creativity, hopefully some of you people agree with the idea :)

Isn’t there any site where they allow criteria specifications or creating special collaboration groups? There are enough collaboration communities online like Kompoz or MyOnlineBand.
There must be some site where you can create a Renoise group and in there create various projects…
I have no problem posting a pinned collaboration topic with the link in the song-forum.

Even though I’m “more than sorted” with this issue, I really like the idea and I think it would be a wonderful feature for our community.

nice idea , create it! :)

The Competitions section of the forum gets little traffic so I would almost see that being a viable place for you to start threads for collaborations. Maybe a slight change in its name and description to illustrate this could be a good idea though…

Can you (or others) propose a name and description that fits in the space allocated?

Ie. change:

Music Competitions  
Official & Unofficial XRNS Competition Announcements  



While I’m in here, help me rewrite the sticky.

How about:

Competitions & Collaborations  
XRNS Competition Announcements & Community Collaborations  

Done. Enjoy!

Thank you sir!

“Comps & Collabs” for short.

I think it’s a great Great idea. I frequent the comps forum and often think ‘am I the only person here?’

People could even collaborate on competitions.


How about team-based competitions? :P

Collab competitions sounds cool. I try to participate in the DeadDog comps as often as possible but I rarely get anything finished due to time spent at my job. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. However deadlines are important to actually finishing things.

How would it work?

I would see it as a 2v2 affair with a public vote. Winner sets the rules for the next round and next with their quarters on the table ‘breaks’ so to speak to start the general format of the song. ie. BPM, key sig, etc.