How About Adding A Mono Button Option?

I was wondering if you can add a mono button on the master? This would be great to check for phase cancellation on the fly. Especially when you play with stereo expanders.

Yeah, that would be nice, but I think you could just as easily add a stereo expander set to mono to your template song. :)

That’s not ‘real’ mono, tho. At least it wasn’t in the past. I think it hasn’t changed now so it’s still not ‘real’ mono. Will check later… checked, not mono, still old behavior.

Anyway there are plugins for this, like the SXmono, for example… download page

But it would be nice to have that integrated. Old thread about this:…c=2214&st=0

Great that someone else put up a thread about this, I’ve been thinking of this too. The Stereoexpander doesn’t summary the channels when going “mono”, it just takes one of the channels.

In some projects, I want to separate the left or the right channel and monoize it, and I do it by panning it one way and then using dfx monomaker to make it mono. Would be nice if this feature would be inside Renoise though. I’m not sure where though, as it could be handy in several places (stereo expander, send-routing, etc).

Oh, didn’t know that!



That would be great.

A mono feature on every track including the mixer: Most people are using Renoise for Techno orientated music (don’t flame, I meant programmed electronic music), which is essentially designed to be played LOUD to people on nightclub sound-systems which are 99.9% always in mono.

A mono option on the mixer is essential, if not inevitable.

Also, there are many things which should be implemented in the Renoise mixer.

The mixer in Cubase is excellent, and maybe the Devs should try to adapt a few of those ideas (which are industry standard ideas in hardware) into Renoise.

I can, however, get perfectly good results with it, as is…



i use mono in tracks very often. Now i set the pan to left or right, but this will be a great feature.
This feature have to make mono out of stereo samples. This can be complicated and adding problems with phase and DC.



IMHO, it would be enough if it was only on the master track. On every track seems overkill and also there is more free space on the master track (in track dsp and mixer).

Yeah, maybe, but if you make bass-heavy music designed for clubs like I do, a LOT of the tracks are Bass orientated and therefore need checking in mono.

It would be nice to have it on every track from my production perspective, but on the Master would be adequate I guess