How can I copy all samples from one instrument into another?

Why can I only copy one sample at a time from one instrument into another?

Is there any way around this? It would really save time not having to copy-paste every sample individually, particularly with large multi-sample instruments.

Also, is there any way to move more than one at a time up or down in the sample list…It would speed things up when organizing.

I thought you could just multi-select the samples you want to copy/cut from the sample list in a multi-sampled instrument (using shift and/or ctrl while clicking), but this is apparently not possible…a way to copy all samples is using duplicate in the instrument list. If you want to use selections from an instrument, open up the particular song / instrument in the diskop, press the horizontal triangle icon to the left of the names to see the content and multi-select / drag samples into a new instrument that way.

This Tool:

But it is in broken state for 3.1 :mellow:

Thanks, the diskop way of doing it works nice…

There is no cut or copy though, only drag and drop.