New tool (3.0) XRNI-Merger


4828 xrni-merger-ui.gif

Xrni-Merger is designed to make it easy to copy assets from oneinstrument into another. That would include modulation sets, effect chains,phrases and samples.

To make it more awesome, it does a lot of stuff behind the scenes. If you forexample select a single sample that makes use of an effect chain that in turnsend audio to another chain, this isdetected by the tool and you can thenchoose to reconstruct the entire ‘network’ in the target instrument.

On the phrase tab, the "replace" feature is not yet implemented.
Use the "append" mode instead, it is more useful anyway.

Ability to extract slices from a sliced instrument (currently, those will be blank)

UI shortcuts (when dialog is focused)
ESC Close dialog
½ (tilde) Toggle sync (default is source)
TAB Toggle source/target sync (only when synced)
Numpad 0 Open instr. editor
INS TODO Insert new instrument
CTRL+INS TODO Duplicate selected instrument
CTRL/CMD+A Select all/none assets
SPACE TODO Copy assets from source to target

(all other keys are forwarded to Renoise)


Cheers Mr Danoise, il see if i can break it!!:slight_smile:

edit<Will you ever maybe implement importing instruments from songs not loaded?

hmmm, how about an option to switch selected instrument to target instrument once “copy to target” has been clicked, [edit2] ahhh thats what synchronize does:-)[edit2] and maybe add a new track and switch to that also?..maybe they are not needed though…

Sounds like an awesome edition to the arsenal of tools!

Sounds indeed useful!

Haha, nice one!
I’ve been working on a similar tool too, but then there happened life… and your dsp chain detection is a very nice twist!

I think I’ll complete mine anyway, because it was a nice learning experience.


Not only that, perhaps your code is more easily forkable into other projects or has some better optimizations

Installed your tool, played around with it, closed it pressing an icon in the bottom right of the tool gui, closed Renoise.

Opened Renoise a few hours later and got;

I can’t find the tool entry in the tools tab anymore…

Looks like the tool needs a document created sanitizer…
I changed 3053 to:

function check_middle_frame()  
 if renoise.tool().app_new_document_observable:has_notifier(check_middle_frame) then  

Very useful!!!

Interesting idea, but I am not sure how it could be implemented and be more efficient than using the built-in disk browser.
In both cases, you would still need to navigate through a bunch of files/folders to select an instrument…but perhaps you had some specific idea in mind?

Oops, yes that should of course be fixed in the next version.

Another known bug is that existing modulation sets are not properly detected - copying seems to always create new modulation sets, when it should really be possible to re-use / assign to existing ones.

From the first glance - very handy tool. Gotta try it and raport back any issues. THX danoise

not really, but your tool is slightly more versatile than the diskbrowser, but your right, you would need a disk browser in the tool,

Hey danoise, do you think your tool could be a good starting point for a tool that imports fx and routing from another xrns file, some kind of song fx joiner?

Does it work in 3.1 on linux?
I cant see this too even if renoise says it was installed.

Ive got sonatina free orchestra library and xrni merger is basicaly the only way how to play more than one sfz instrument at the time (i wanna merge more sounds together) in renoise,

To launch, you need to right click the instrument in the instrument list.

Never was too proud of the tool, the code needs a cleanup and it can throw some errors here and there.
But largely it should work, also in 3.1.


When i relaunch renoise it told me that the tool is not combatible has to be disabled
maybe it is reason why i didnt see it in the instrument list (right click).

Btw. open two (or more) renoise, open instrument in every project - you can play more renoise instrument at a time by your midi :smiley:

(I would love to have possibility to import just samples from any sfz / xrni with keymap and merge them with previously loaded instrument if i want)

Yes, it can’t be auto-upgraded but you can still change the manifest so that the line specifying API version goes like this


Hi! I’ve tried the tool in 3.1, but if spits out a lot of errors. First it won’t seem to work at all, but after a little while at least the sample merging (what I was looking for for now) was kind of working. I couldn’t get it to show phrases though, and it always spat out an error when selecting them.

This is so immensly useful, I’ve been woeing for this a lot of times. Are there any chances to get the tool fixed to a cleaner working state (without all those error messages when selecting instruments, I had to diable it after its job)?

This tool is sort-of retired, really needs to be rewritten from scratch. Sorry.

Maybe it would be good to simply advertise which features are working in 3.1, so you don’t waste time on the broken parts?

(until we have something better, of course…)

I’ve used it a few times in 3.1 now, having drum breaks chopped into individual instrument with a bar each for phrase rendering of slices, then trying to recombine the destructively rendered to a single instrument.

It sometimes (well most of the time) has problems with phrases being present in the instruments. It would then fire an error message and show no samples in the list to copy - when starting the tool, but also when selecting an instrument with phrases. To be able to copy my samples I found as workaround to remove any phrases (and backup them) before the job, just to readd them afterwards. Sometimes out of the blue it seems to work without error messages though.

I am in process to fit up all the classic breaks to my liking, so I will be using it again and again in the near future. I am willing to report any hickups or failures, or even test improved/fixed versions of the tool.

This is a tool offering capabilities that are essential when working with complex native instruments. I cannot understand it has been abandoned without proper replacement.