How can I record MIDI audio in Renoise?

Hi all

I’m trying to find a way of capturing the audio from my MIDI instruments in Renoise.

Presumably, if I attempt to render my tracks that have midi note data in them they’ll render as silence since I’m not using samples or VSTs. Ideally if I have some way to render the audio of each track individually to give me a multitracks I can work with in another DAW that would be awesome.

But any way of recording the audio from midi would be good.

New tool (3.3.0) Automated Sample Recording From MIDI Enabled Hardware

maybe this^ helps?

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Route the audio from your MIDI hardware into the machine running Renoise and use the Renoise sample recorder.

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Do you know of any tutorials showing this? I’m a newby to Renoise!

Presumably, to get multitracks I would need to do this method for each track separately and then paste everything back together which sounds like a nightmare for timing etc allowing for latency

If you have external audio sources like a hardware synthesizer playing in your song and wanna render the entire project to disk, you have to note, that you have to render the whole song in realtime. Otherwise the external hardware will not be recorded.

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Thanks, but will Renoise record anything since its technically just playing MIDI note data without sound? Hows it rendering the audio output?

I’m evaluating Renoise at the moment so running the demo and rendering isn’t available on Demo so not tested

You surely have connected the audio of your external source to the line input of your audio interface. In Renoise preferences check, if you have set the right audio driver (Direct Sound, MME, ASIO (recommended), WASAPI etc), the device (your interface) and eventually the right audio input source (depends on the device’s drivers). Then add a Line In device to the Track, on which the audio should be audible (normally the same track where the MIDI for your external gear plays). Check the input channel settings of the Line In device and choose the right input. If you can hear the audio in Renoise then all shoul be set the right way. Also check the MIDI settings of the Line Input device (in your case set it to "MIDI Return). Also check in the MIDI settings of the Track, that plays the MIDI for your external synth, if the right mode is set (here choose Line In Return mode). This is important to get as less as possible latencies for your external gear while recording audio/rendering the whole song. If you now wanna export the whole song, you have to choose realtime render. This is important, because fast render only renders the sampled instruments and VST’s and internal effect devices in a sped up render process, because all software based sound sources are computed by the CPU. Your hardware can’t be rendered in fast render mode,because it plays in realtime and sound coming from external hardware can’t be fast rendered by CPU. I hope this makes sense.

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