New tool (3.3.0) Automated Sample Recording From MIDI Enabled Hardware


Automated Sample Recording From Hardware


This tool is to help automate the process of creating a Renoise instrument directly from sounds from a piece of MIDI capable hardware, such as as a synthesizer.

For example, I have a Korg Volca FM, which can make some interesting sounds. To make a Renoise instrument from these sounds, I have to record samples at various notes/octaves, normalize the sample volume, remove leading silence, and map the sample to a key zone.

This tool does all of that for you automatically and hands free. It starts recording a sample, sends a MIDI signal to your device to have it play a note, and processes the sample. Repeat for as many octaves and/or notes as you want.


This demo is slightly outdated at this point, but it still gets the general purpose across.


Renoise: Midi Hardware Sampler Helper | Renoise
Github: Releases · verdog/renoise-hardware-sampler · GitHub


Thanks to the following for contributing to the tool!


Wow this sounds great, is it similar to sample robot ?

Yes, it is essentially a poor man’s version of sample robot. :slight_smile:

Looks like sample robot can find loop points though, which this doesn’t do… yet??

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Excellent initiative!

This will come in very handy!

I may have a feature suggestion:
opt: Pitch up / Pitch down / Pitch up and down around - on missing samples for notes.
The note mapping from missing samples will be created pitching up or down according to this setting. Up and down around will pitch a sample up and down in the most organized fashion.

Thanks very much for the develipment.

Why thank you. :slight_smile:

I am a little confused, because the tool does this already (mostly).

Copy and pasted from the README, because I am lazy:

This tool maps recorded notes in the following fashion:

For each recorded note, map it to its base note up to the next recorded note.

Extend the mapping of the lowest recorded note to C0.

Extend the mapping of the highest recorded note to B9.

If we sample the following notes:

C4, E4, G#4

They would be mapped in the following way:

The C4 sample would be mapped to C0 - D#4
The E4 sample would be mapped to E4 - G4
The G#4 sample would be mapped to G#4 - B9

This makes sure that there are no notes on the keyboard that are silent.

The only thing I can think of that’s different is your mention of pitching down - are you looking for a way to map, for example, a C4 sample to the range of, say, A3 - E4 (with C4 being the base note of that mapping), instead of the default C4 up to the next sampled note?

You’re welcome!

there would be 3 modes possible:


I see what you mean now. Being able to select down, middle, or up shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll get that in soon!

hurray for future develluppmint!


I’ve updated the tool.

  1. Added the ability to do CPU heavy sample processing tasks in the background so that Renoise doesn’t completely hang up when they are done.
  2. Added the ability to change mapping styles for keyzones, the new options are up, middle, and down. See the in the github repository for descriptions, but it’s basically what @EatMe suggested. :slight_smile:
  3. Along with the new features, the GUI is in general more neatly organized.




Is it possible to select the appropriate midi channel with this tool or only the device?


As of right now, it is not possible. But enabling that would not be too hard, I think. I will look into it. :slight_smile:


  • Added the ability to select which MIDI channel to send MIDI signals over.

Get it in the latest release section of the github page. Soon I will have the tool officially listed so auto updates work, by the way…


Very cool. Thank you.


  • Added tooltips

The tool is also now listed on the official Renoise tools page :slight_smile:



Would adding velocity layers be possible ? Even something very coarse with three stages like low, med, high just to achieve some degree of dynamic response.

I primarily use my USAMO box/plugin for midi and would also love to use this tool with the Silent Way plugin in order to capture old pre-midi gear and random CV stuff. The ability to select an instrument/plugin or a hardware midi box would be very very handy but I imagine that would be a lot of work ?


Velocity layers are possible for sure, I’ll get around to that soon.

I’m afraid I’m not really familiar with the other tools/USAMO/Silent Way and don’t know how they work or how I would test the functionality if I ended up implementing it, so I can’t commit to that one.

If anyone reading this does know how they work, I’d be perfectly open to a pull request on the github repository if someone did graciously decided to implement it.

one of my fav things about renoise is this tool. it’s a lifechanger, i don’t have any decent workspace so this tool lets me grab what in need from the trusty korg x5dr and play without a mass of cables everywhere.

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Fresh update…!


  • Added the ability to sample multiple velocities per note.

Glad to hear that, that kind of situation is exactly what I made this for. :slight_smile:


The velocity layers are great. Thank you very much.

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