how do i assign samples to their own track?

ive generated a drumkit in the sample keyzones tab using a sliced break. i have it mapped to my korg padkontrol and im trying to assign each sample keyzone to its individual track. how do i do so? the reason why i wanna do this is so i may process effects in each of the samples own tracks

By just putting their notes in different tracks. Designate and name each track and just put their notes into them. I also make a “Drums” group so I can tweak the group as a whole if I want.

I think he means for playing “live”. If so, i believe there’s a tool that allows just that, there was another thread about this recently.

I think you guys are onto two different workflows. I think Yung is talking about live input of notes?

It’s possible to do this by configuring the padkontrol to output different MIDI channels for each pad, using the accompanying editor (it’s a free download from Korg’s website)
Then, it’s a question of telling Renoise to route incoming each midi channel to a different track, by using the instrument settings > MIDI input

Perhaps not super-elegant, but it should do the job?
An alternative would be to use the Duplex Keyboard, but then you’d need someone to show you how to build a custom template - it’s even more complicated

^For those configurations, you would need to make each sample a different Renoise instrument would you not?

yeah playing and recording live. do you have a link to that thread? was there a way to do what im trying to do? i feel like itd make my life and workflow so much easier lol.

i feel like if renoise had a feature for this thatd be amazing… also better groove/swing feature would be make my life easier too, but thats a different argument lol

Yep, I forgot that part. Currently, MIDI input routing works per instrument.

I think this would be true for any solution right now, even tool-based ones that analyze recorded notes and place them in separate tracks wouldn’t be truly live (if that is what the mentioned tool does?).

Fladd`s tool does this for non realtime use:

so i guess it cannot be done :,( am i the only one that would really love if Renoise had this capability?

nope, i’d very much like this too. very relevant for recording various stuff via midi gear!

the reason why i love the idea so much is because then i could process effects to their own individual instrument/track/sample after recording live and that’s just… really cool to imagine.

should i somehow move this to the ideas and suggestions forums?

I think it has already been requested lately.

Really important feature imo!
It was also already requested and Pysj said it’s in the work, but thats a “long” (considering human perception) time ago: Ability To Use Different Envelopes And Output For Each Sample

Please hälp. Have to switch to ableton for that kind of use i guess, been searching some time for the feature just now. Don’t wanna use window

Funny thing, you can do it with VSTi’s tho!

See also:

Thanks vV, your are always awesome.

In the post Ability To Use Different Envelopes And Output For Each Sample Pysj quoted taktik: “envelopes per sample”.
Is there maybe something I missed? Cause the other thing I crawled through the forums for was that.

Make yourself a happy day everyone

No you didn’t, this is currently not supported.
Though you can still create an instrument for each sample, simply assign that sample to one key and attach your midi controller to all these instruments directly in their midi in property panel:that way you have “one” instrument with samples that induvidually have their own envelope.
You can use the midi management console to quickly link multiple instruments.
I guess the only annoying part here is that also unassigned notes will be recorded in the track.

in the meanwhile:


Wow, this thread has a long time already, and I did not know it. But it seems that KangarooX120 has broken another barrier.