How Do I Avoid Timeout Warnings For Long Os.execute() Calls?

How do I avoid timeout warnings for long os.execute() calls?

Any ideas? I am looking into a project and I may have shot myself in the foot.

Hopefully someone can cook something up with OneShotIdleNotifier? Or maybe io.popen() is appropriate?

Have you tried with somthing like os.execute("cmd /c "…external_tool)? or some command-line interpreter that allows you to start your external tool as a background tool.
That would mean that you would have to poll for file-results every somewhat seconds in the target-folder that the external tool spits out files and pick up as soon as a file appears or as soon as a file no longer is updating its file-stamp. for windows you have stuff like “start /w” etc. I don’t know what the Mac provides but it probably has something similar.

Hi vV. I haven’t tried anything yet. I’m looking for ideas.

This is pretty smart. I’ll try that and post my results. And yes, I will need a Mac equivilant. Haha.

It works.

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