New Tool: Render Song To Soundcloud

Render Song To SoundCloud

A simple interface to the SoundCloud Desktop Sharing Kit (bundled with the Tool, no need to download it yourself). Creates “Render Song to SoundCloud…” in the File menu. Renders a 32bit WAV with the same sample rate as your current settings, cubic interpolation.


This only works on Windows and Mac. Sorry Linux users but there’s no SoundCloud Desktop Sharing Kit for your platform (yet?)

Can a few people test it out and give me feedback, bug reports? Thanks.

Hey… but what about, “home brew mastering, loudness maximizing, etc, etc,” how does that get all worked out? Also, do the song comments, the tagging and what not, get coded on to the render? and what format is the render? mp3? wav? aaif? etc, etc.

Great tool though! I really like all these tools. Thanks, I will check it out

It will render a 32bit WAV with the same sample rate as your current settings, cubic interpolation.

It will use the [View -> Song Comments -> Title] as the data it sends to SoundCloud

But mostly it will pop up an interface that looks like this:

Here you can edit the meta tags and whatever. Check it out?

Awesome! :)

Hmm, I installed the tool in renoise and put the “Share on Soundcloud app” in my applications folder. Im on OSX 10.6.8 with Renoise 2.8 installed.

I get this when I launch the script:

“Something went wrong. Could not start ‘Share on SoundCloud’. Error 256”

I don’t understand. I bundle the Share on Soundcloud app in the Tool itself. You don’t have to download the Share on Soundcloud app separately.

In any case, I think I found the bug. Can you try this new version (v0.2)? Right click, save as:

if you have all these technical questions, then don’t be too lazy to look around in the code a little bit to see for yourself how the tool behaves ;)
mac users


and so we’ve come full circle and back again.

amiga users accusing atari st users of being gay and lame, atari st users accusing amiga users of being gay and lame. why, i oughta slap your face off.

Can’t we all just get along? I coded this tool on a Mac. I don’t get it.

Seriously though, can at least 1 person on Mac and 1 person on Windows A] Download this tool and B] Try it. C] Write “Works for me” or not.

All I care about is if the tool correctly launches the Desktop Sharing Kit. You can abort the upload. Instead of spending 5 minutes flaming each other, can I get 5 minutes of feedback? Pretty please? :)

Works great on Xp
In fact now its installed I can see it being very useful
And for free too
Well done that man.
Have a virtual beer on me.

Nice tool idea!

hiya, i’m a Mac. I downloaded your tool, and am loading a song that is, to all intents and purposes, finished.
I clicked on Render song to soundcloud from File. the first thing i realized was, i wasn’t shown the song comments editing window so i could write a title or some text into it, instead the rendering process started.
i always render using arguru perfect instead of cubic, i dunno what the difference is, but i did kid myself that it somehow matters.
as personal preference ™ goes, i would hope that when the rendering starts, that the script transports me to pattern editor (im currently in sample editor and don’t know when the song will be finished rendering), this would enable me to be sure that stuff is happening and going on.
now i got a “share on soundcloud” window that changed from one size to another size, and is showing me a progress clock cycler thing. i’m not sure if i accidentally pressed return and thus was transported from the first prompt to the uploaded-prompt, and i have no way of, i’m being asked to connect Renoise to SoundCloud, so i’m logging in. now i got to write my song, tags, make it public/private and decide a picture. i’m currently uploading it now.

so far i feel like this is doing exactly what it should, i hesitated to run the tool at first cos i didn’t know if it would enable me to say public/private (i have twitter, facebook etc set up so that a new soundcloud upload will be auto-tweeted and posted on the Lackluster page on facebook, hence my hesitation on unreleased stuff upload)

TL;DR: rendering and upload to soundcloud works on snow leopard 10.6.8 with no hitches.
track now says “preparing for transcoding” in the url provided by upload-to-soundcloud app or whichever it was (something i nver installed).

so conner it seems this works. this is a great idea for a tool. if i was into giving people previews, i’d definitely use this.

Also only works with licensed copies of Renoise you should mention :)

Tested in Renoise 2.8 32-bit, running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Everything seemed to go smoothly. Rendered a quick test song, provided my Soundcloud user/pass, entered all the relevant tags, added a cover image, uploaded, etc.

No real complaints about the basic functionality of the thing. Good job.

Ideally, I’d like to see more control over the rendering options, though, ie. Sample rate, bit depth, and interpolation.

Could also be nice if more of the Soundcloud API tags were automatically filled out when uploading. I’m not entirely sure which ones would (or could) be appropriate, but BPM at least seems like a no-brainer.

This is not really a tool that I’d find myself using very often, simply because there’s no way that I’d be dumping renders from Renoise at 32-bit directly to Soundcloud without some kind of additional processing/cleaning up. Nevertheless, it’s quite nifty that this works at all.

With some tighter integration into Renoise it could indeed be quite interesting. Think “Render Selection to Soundcloud”, and just free-styling a sample pack of wild, on-the-fly edits, just for the heck of it. Could be quite refreshing to render a bunch of random crap without thinking too much about the process of actually putting it out there. Perhaps an alternate mode for the tool could be to set-and-forget some basic tags, and then upload multiple renders without being bothered/nagged by the uploader interface?

Hey man I never said anything like that!!
I’m just real real bitter. Don’t get angry because of that.
Also I have to say sometimes, it does really annoy me that people sometimes seem to come to this subforum that’s got the “bleeding edge” “just developed” tools and just post whatever it is they think is still wrong with it without thinking forward / together.
But you are putting the G word in my mouth. I never said that so I oughta slap YOUR face off. ;D

(what’s with amiga and atari? I’m from 85 I don’t know anything about either one… they’re all queer afaik :P)

just sayin there used to be this idiotic rivalry between computer users. and you seem to have created the same thing again, being (probably) a linux or pc user. it’s the same thing with nokia engineers slagging off the iphone when they could never, in their wildest dreams, ever, create anything that people would love more than an iphone. . . and about bleeding edge tools, people are inspired when they write the tools, and they are looking for feedback, and when it’s still being developed from scratch on that kind of energy of “woo!!! \o/ !!!”, they are looking for feedback and most of them will be clever enough to appreciate it when it comes their way. sometimes people come up with pie-in-the-sky requests,but that does not make them mac users. you’re using “certain os/certain computer users” as a slur and that just fucking sucks. i grew up with computers, my dad soldered together a computer from a d-i-y kit in 1979, i’ve gone through over 22 computers in my life and all of them had good parts and bad parts, and i never really understood the whole “pc vs amiga” “amiga vs atari st” rivalry, but when i got on osx, i realized what i had been waiting for. i’ve gone through tons of GUIs but this was the one that has it right. hence my slap you on the face antics, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, and hate on a machine based on some “yeah like uhh it so stupid hohohoo” lameness then you do deserve a tattoo of a hand on your face.
im just tired of seeing this forum have it’s share of “haha i use linux windows haha you use os x that’s so gay, haha you’re such a fucking loser lol lol lol lol” idiocy!

i say let anyone jump in to any script thread especially the bleeding edge tools, and give their ideas, if they’re sensible, some of them will be implemented in a split second, and if they’re not, then fine, it’s no-one’s loss. maybe they will take the bleeding edge tool and modify it and add the stuff that’s missing, maybe they’ll think “maybe i can do this too??” and go and do it, and then they will be the ones met with bleeding-edge-pie-in-the-sky suggestions and proposals. it’s all good for the community in the end. if everyone started biting their lips and shutting up, stuff like resynth would have never gotten to the point that they did.

Thanks for the testing everybody. A new version posted to the Tools page:

Done in version 0.3

Yes, sounds cool. Maybe in a later version.

Personally, I’d like like the option of rendering OGG vorbis but I haven’t figure out how to do this. The Tool works by launching (then ignoring) a 3rd party app. I thought of chaining Oggenc with Share to Soundcloud, but I have no sane way of knowing when the first process finishes and the second starts. Not yet anyway. It would be nice if Renoise could support rendering to a compressed format like Ogg someday.

Good times.

:yeah: :w00t: :yeah:

In the past apps returned codes of results or set environment variables to give some sane knowledge.
Another way i used to do it was piping the output to txt files (myprocessor.exe param1 param2 > output.txt) and then occasionally read out the text file to see if a specific line or phrase could be found.

hey man. i’m all for the community, like i said, and i learn from other peeps’ coding work a lot!
on the other hand, it’s kind of sad to see your post getting so many upvotes for continuing your rant/flamewar, i was just jokingly connecting the attitude of someone who posts a very technical set of questions about a tool before trying it or looking into the code (although judging from the questions he/she shouldn’t have been too shy or stupid to do, just a little lame) to his usage of a certain os, which i am not even sure of in any way. you might have been very touched by that remark, but don’t go around escalating and accusing me of saying that every mac user in the world is gay, black, poor, dumb, uncreative, and poops on they dead grandmas grave. because i did not say that :).

also, to help out on the mac front (no idea about windows), i believe os.execute does return the shell commands ‘return value’, so that must mean renoise only continues script execution after the os.execute command is entirely finished (which would lead to Conner’s script being in the know about when oggenc is finished)