How Do I Donate To Renoise?

I’d like to support Renoise development. I understand the market is small, small, small, so I want to provide an 130€ incentive for the devs to soldier on.

So, where’s the official paypal account? :)

there is no way to donate to developers: they avoid this to prevent people from trying to “hire” them with money.

So you could donate two not-registered users a registered full version on their name. So you make yourself, user and devs happy ;)

(Btw. I could need one… hehe ;) :D

Yeah :D Buy few licenses.
Then you be able to vote extra voices in ‘user selected upcoming features voting pool’

I see no problem to support the development with donation money too. I support the devs with free promotion onto my releases too - it’s no difference for me.

but on the other hand - Likif - make a new topic where you raffle 2 or 3 copies to the user. maybe the better solution.

that’s a bit weird…I mean, this isn’t politics. It’s music software. Admirable policy, but misplaced.

well, maybe Steinberg, or Microsoft accepts donations…or some Buddhist temple somewhere.

Contact a developer via email?

No one in this thread is one of them… Perhaps they have a different view of accepting your money.

good idea. i need one too. let me know

It might be an idea to get a paypal account people can donate to it. Now when everytime the amount of the paypal account is equal to the price of Renoise people can register and a winner will be drawn randomly. :)

maybe credits on voting for features should become real euros (or dollars)… :)

and it’s very simple to do it. So, since they didn’t do this, you can understand that the developer’s view is the one I’ve described above

Well I understood that it was sort of part of my lottery idea… merely an idea that popped up what to do with people that have burning cash in their pockets…

you could always support renoise musicians who have already supported renoise by buying a license. ;)

then play the records for your friends & family. this then spreads the word of how dope renoise is - because if mantrakid uses it, it must be stellar! then they will go and buy it too. circle of life is then complete.


Why not buy several licenses for a compo or something? If and when I have enough money and time I’ll arrange a tracking class of some kind, where all the participants will recieve one licensed copy of Renoise each, simply because I love the program and want to spread it. I trust the devs in deciding what way to go.