How do I drag multiple samples to one single key?

Making a drum kit with several round-robin samples, meaning there’s multiple sample variations of the same hit, on the same key.

When dragging in samples, they always tend to be distributed over the whole keyboard. How can I have them on a single key without having to afterwards go in and change their Baset Note and Note Ranges?

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Easiest way I know = Select all of the samples you just dragged in → Set the “Note” Range just above the Virtual Keyboard to be the note you want them Triggered on → They should all end up on the selected note

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I believe Ableton has this modifier key mechanism where you hold that down and they end up on the same note, IIRC. Maybe even enabling them to become velocity ranges within the same note (perhaps that was in HALion though).

If you drag them into the Samples window on the left they’ll all have the same Base Note and Note Range covering the entire keyboard. Looking at your example that probably would not be ideal for your use case, though.

Going in afterwards and adjusting Base Note / Note Range appears to be the way to do it. Quick look at the manual and a search through the Key Binds list didn’t come up with any modifiers or shortcuts.

Right. I settled with the fact that you can, as you said, drag them in and then just click on the left arrow for both Lower Bound and Upper Bound note ranges and they’ll become one single-key note. Which works … but not when you have many sounds already occupying notes, in which you need to go in and re-select the ones you just added in the sound list (upper-left corner) and, then, do the aforementioned. Could definitely be an improvement adding modifier keys to instantly put them on same key and optionally sorted in velocity ranges.

Agreed. Might be worth dropping your OP in the “Ideas & Suggestions” Category. I definitely could see the current workflow becoming tedious if I start using more Round Robin samples in my own productions.

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this is one of examples - of how sampler can actually be improved - for creating multi-sampled instruments…
i remember stumbling upon importing large drum libraries (8 velocity levels per drum hit).
i would like to import on same key like 8 velocity layers, and proceed with every other drum hit…

It would be great if sampler would make things easier for us (when it comes to importing & sorting multiple samples under same key either like you proposed - or by velocity layers)

Bitwig sampler in multisample mode does this right - importing velocity layers to same key (sorry if i got it wrong but i haven’t messed with drum libraries in Bitwig recently)