Modifier key to put multiple samples dragged into Keyzones editor into single note

Referring to a question I posted earlier, I’d like to use modifier keys when dragging samples into the Keyzones editor, to have them placed on a single key and optionally (by using another modifier combo) have them sorted into velocity ranges on that same key.

Suggested behavior:

  • Hold CTRL while dragging multiple samples into Keyzone editor to place them on the same key
  • Hold CTRL + SHIFT to place them on the same key and automatically arranged into velocity ranges.
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I’d propose a different mechanism that’s an extension of the existing one, whereby dragging the held mouse click up or down the keyzone range expands/shrinks, but including an overlapped mode at the top of the drag field, if that makes sense :upside_down_face:

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Makes a whole lot of sense. I’m for it. (However would this allow for said option to have em sorted into vel. ranges?)

then adding a modifier key would make sense

how would velocity ranges be sorted?

In whatever order they’re brought in by dragging normally, they’d be added to one single key and then their Lower Bound of the active zone’s velocity range and Upper Bound ditto are set for each sample. So if you’ve got 10 samples, the last file in the selection starts at lowest velocity and its range will be 1/10th of maximum velocity. The next sample starts right after the Upper Bound of the previous sample and has the same range (1/10th) as previous. And so forth up until the last sample that ends in the Upper Range of Max Velocity. (Hard to describe but this it typical in opther samplers like HALion and Falcon and probably Ableton and lots of others too.)

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gotcha, that makes sense and would be a useful addition to the workflow, for sure :+1: