How Do I Glitch/Breakcore?

I’m trying to compose breakcore/glitch music(such as Venetian Snares :-3) on renoise. not that i know how to create breakcore on any other program, but i’d like to learn on renoise. any tips? plz & thx


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Chop up many break samples, crank the speed up, compress, bash in beats, put in screaming bassline, done.

(or search the forums and youtube for more information since this has been around soo many times)

i thought i had to make my own break samples :o
how do i bash beats?
thx for the reply

I suggest you start experimenting and making your own break samples and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE then practice some more.

Yes, PRACTICE :) And LISTEN to what happens in your favorite tracks and try to tell yourself WHAT makes it awesome.

here is a good tutorial
hes using FL studio… but you can use the plugins in renoise too

or just get aarons cds and accept that he already made enough breakcore to listen in a lifetime ^^

That kind of wasn’t funny :smashed:

my method:
first 1 learn the in and outs of effects commands like 09XX 0EXX etc and how you can use them on breaks
second 2 learn how to construct effect & send chains that automatically do some of the cutting, shuffling, retrigger, warping, for you
third, know when not to use step 2 in order to focus on 1 and vice versa.

of course you’ll find the producers on i hate breakcore that swear by programing e3very warp effect by yourself from scratch. but they have seemed to lost the concept of exactly how breakcore evolved as a genre.

1- Find a nice loop
2- Abuse the Exx and 09xx commands

Quick tutorial I made for a friend of mine cna be found here

it’s all about 09xx and 0exx

Have fun!

oh, jeez, just learn how to make some make some good sounding music first. after that, find some old chinese guy to interpret the meanings of your cum patterns on your momma’s back then invent some mathematical way to represent this in your music.

another way to do it is to put a mike up to your computer speakers while you play your entire sample library in winamp.

can you tell i don’t like this music? that doesn’t mean i’m right, but…

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derrik may, jaun attkins, even an old bjork album.

Get an very old out of date audio card with broken drivers. You’ll get all the glitching and studding you need! :rolleyes:



like this ?

i use many breaks , 15differents break for a track , and i layered them +some glitch effect like 0202 or renoise timestretch 0900=>09FF on the sample

Awesome! I find that there are a bit to many spaces… the drums don’t keep coming at you in a crazy ADHD blast like Venetian Snares. Not crazy enough, sorry. Next!

Been listening through your Soundcloud this afternoon/evening at work and overall been quite enjoying it :)

Snafu uses the amen as well?!?

It really annoys me this ‘the amen is over played’, you never hear guitarists saying ‘You used a Les Paul on your track? Jesus, everyone has one of them…’. The Amen sounds sick as fuck, by actively not using it you’re not being original, you’re just narrowing the field which you can work within.

here’s a tip…stop trying to be Venetian Snares. but If you learn all the tracker commands you will figure it out pretty quickly.

think around 165 BPM, give a lot or take a little.

straight up method: cut up breakbeat samples and put them on lines. try not to just fill in lines but make an actual rhythm out of it. think alright, “this line will sound good” after playing it back and eventually you can kinda just tell.

looping method: gives a more continuous and smoother sound to the breakbeat, this is closer to the Jungle sound and you can tell when someone does this as opposed to the above. sync it to however many lines (start with multiples of 16, like 64 or 128 depending on break length). look at the sample and see where each of the hits of the breakbeat line up with the 09XY numbers and go from there, this way is easier.

once you get better experiment with other LPB values that arent 4 or 8. for sure learn how all of the DSPs work on the main site. Compression and EQs are really important of course. so is Delay, a mono type delay that you can do with the built-in one. you can get some nice odd grooves if it’s well placed but dont worry about it too much until you know how to cut up drums.

other things to consider once you get better are the Multiband Send and Hydra Device. also don’t listen to the purists that say you shouldn’t use many DSPs, unless you really don’t want to.