How do i modify the texture & logo files for Renoise?

I’ve seen certain skins for Renoise that have zebra prints and stuff and I wanna pimp out my Renoise and make it look absolutely sickening

How would I accomplish this?

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All what you are looking for is, by default, in a path like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Renoise 3.1.0\Resources\Skin” :wink:

Have fun with it!!

My previous post was if you want to create new skins, logos, textures.

If what you want is just use default themes in Renoise, it’s menu Edit | Preferences then Theme and you will have access to colors, textures, etc…

Haha, thanks, I know where to find the textures and logos, it’s just that I have no idea how to customize them like how other people have

every time i’ve tried using a .bmp texture file, it just crashes renoise if i try to load it in because it ‘fails to load BodyTexture.bmp’ (the texture i was editing)

Idk what im supposed to do

hope that makes more sense

Bitsnake: You are aware that there are different variations of windows BMP format (colorspace information and/or RLE encoding and bit depth selection etc…?) Maybe the program you are using is writing out a BMP file in a format that Renoise doesn’t like? [Edit] So I assume for the body texture you would want a 8-bit 256 greyscale image with no colorspace information?

I tried to copy “Jeans” textures in a “Testing” folder, to modify “BodyTexture.bmp” with MS Paint, without changing width & height of the bitmap, and using only grayscaled colors, then to save, then to reload Renoise, and…


…it works!!

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