How Do I Remap Midi Cc Data Values (from _..--''¯ To ¯"

I’m using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick as a ghetto MIDI controller, through a utility called “MidiJoystick”, and the patch-cable driver “MIDI Yoke”.

What I want to do is remap the data values coming out of MIDI Yoke before they reach any VSTIs running under Renoise, i.e. something like the Photoshop “Curves” function for MIDI CC data.

The purpose is to make the joystick centre position register as “0”, and the outer edges register as “65535”, as opposed to top/left = “0”, bottom/right=“65536”, so that an untouched joystick -> an untouched sound.

The ideal program would select a MIDI-In, do the transform, and output the transformed CC message to a selected MIDI-Out.

Does anyone know of such a utility?

Not exactly what you were seeking, but I wrote a messy how-to on doing the same with puredata :…controllers-pt1

Analog axis initially sent 16bit info, so I had to divide by 512 to get 0-127; or something like that.

A simple way would be to use MIDI OX’ data mapping feature. Here’s a link, but since you already use MIDI Yoke it should be familiar:

I made a thread about this a while ago……c=14216&hl=

The method described involves using plogue bidule rather than the midijoystick software

Thanks all. Plogue Bidule certainly looks the part.

I happened upon this thing called “Bome’s MIDI translator” which is most interesting and seems to do the job also.

I like Logitech Dual-action game controller. 2 analogue controls and a whole lotta buttons (11, if you don’t count the d-pad, 15 if you do, 17 if you count that the analogue controls “click”) Yum.

Live sets with this in place will look most unusual.

Will look like you’re flying the show, literally! :w00t: