how do i sync loops/ wav files to different BPM

i have some drum loops recorded at 130 bpm that i would like to use in my 140 bpm song. do i use a slicer to change the drum wav file to match my song’s 140 bpm beat? or is there an easier way to time-stretch the wav file from 130 bmp to 140 bmp so that the tempos will match up and sync. thanks!

use the beatsync option in the sampler window.

In the sampler on the bottom left you’ll find beatsync, as weizenkeim said. This will repitch the sample to fit. If you don’t want it repitched, you can try this:

  1. Set song to the bpm of your sample.

  2. Slice the sample up.

  3. Use thisto create a pattern with the slices.

  4. Change song bpm to the bpm you want.

edit: You could also just use thisto change the tempo, which will timestretch the sample directly.

well, i figured out what the problem was. . . .the wav file was longer than 512 measures so when i tried to beatsync it, got all garbled up. for now, i just lowered the song’s BPM to match the drum wav and it syncs fine. when i have more time, i’ll try either the slice method or time-stretch as outlined above.

a bit of a learning curve using a new DAW and samples/wav but it beats using the sequencer on my old Triton. i’ve already cranked out 2 new songs in a month! Thanks for all the help; i really appreciate it :wink:

That must be one hell of a long loop. You might have a couple of other options though other than setting the song bpm to match the loop. The 512 max is based on lines, not measures, so if you use a lower lpb you should be able to get it to fit. Even at 16 lpb though (which is what I use, and it’s really high, and almost no reason to ever need notes that fast unless I want a stuttering retrigger effect) 512 covers 8 full measures in 4/4 time. At that point I’m not sure I’d even call it a loop anymore. If you’re on the default 4 lpb, 512 lines is 32 full measures (a whole song’s worth of length).

If you’re using a really high lpb and really want to use lpb that high, and the loop is just too long, there’s one more thing you can do that’s pretty quick and easy. Begin by setting the song to the bpm of the loop. Have the waveform visible in the sampler, and you’ll see numbers going across the top and bottom. Rightclick on one of the number lines and check “beats.” Slice your loop perfectly in half, or quarters if halfs are too long too. You can beat sync individual slices, and then just place the 2 slices to play in the pattern editor.

thanks for the help everyone. i tried a mix and match of all the different advice given and so far so good. the wav file is over 5 minutes long b/c i sampled the entire song off my old keyboard in one shot. i sliced out the 2 or 3 relevant sections and synced them to the new song in renoise. just messing around with the samples has helped in moving me up the learning curve; i even used a reverse sample as the ending :walkman: