How Do You Create That "bouncing Ball"effect?


as the topic says how do you create that bouncing ball effect,heard in aphex twin and lot of others tracks?

i cant get it to sound right :wacko:

Luckily for you, someone already made a delay plug-in to recreate this exact sound:

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In the effectrix vst There is an option to do this very easily
with the x-loop function.

Good luck!

thanx appreciate your help :yeah: :D

that trick is really hard to get sounding right.

essentially you can do it all in renoise by changing the line speed logarithimically with each hit and pattern line and using retrig.

i haven’t tried doing this yet, though it works in theory. :D

yes i would love to get it right in renoise,but i guess i need more time to figure it out excactly :panic:

i got alot of samples of this effect,but would rather learn to make it the right way :D

I guess it’s made by automating loop points. Which is unfortunately not possible in renoise

You need:

  1. A ball.
  2. The will to bounce it.
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If we could write metadevices, I’d code an LFO that bounced… not that that would really help in regards to delays. I’ll stfu now.

My very quick attempt at doing it manually:

its a preset on my korg ms2000. when i get a chance i’ll try and write down the synth parameters if you really want me to

that would be sweet :w00t:

and thanx for the xrns Dblue,will look at it tommorow

alright. gimme a few days. i gotta get home from university and then get it back from my pal who i lent it to

HA! Nice One dblue!

bounce with 12 tones 808^…2db6fb9a8902bda

-was excited.

-& messed up the tags. :)

bpm automation/delay fx automation/delay column.

I wrote something about this in another thread, but what renoise needs is a “smooth tweak” option for the Ex retrig command, like they have in psycle. We can get a similar effect by using high enough bpm’s in conjunction with the Ex command.

Automated effect commands could also solve this… so many ways to solve one problem! Must be the chrismas spirit…

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