How Do You Double A Pattern?

Hi. I often need to multiply my tempo by a common factor in order to get certain notes to fit. At the moment for example, I have a typical 64 line pattern but I can’t get the timing right on one of my tracks so I’m going to have to increase to 128 lines per pattern and double my tempo. The problem is that I’m manually going through inserting lines between notes to space the notes out to the new tempo.

Is there a function within Renoise for doing this? (Like a “pattern stretch” feature) Or would I have to resort to an XRNS script?

Oo… and another quick question - is it possible to step through a pattern line by line, sounding the instruments as you go? I’m sure I used to have a feature like this on OctaMED in the Amiga days…


the Advanced Edit (View => Show Pattern Advanced Edit) has an “Expand” button.

hit return (=

OK… That seems to work great for doubling. Aha! And wow! It expands up to strange block sizes too. So if I change the number of lines from 64 to 96 and hit expand, it works too. Great! Thanks. And I was going to go search for some sort of universal keyboard macro tool… :wink:

Awesome! Thanks! I thought I tried that. Here’s me messing around with Shift-Enter, Alt-Enter etc… Doh! Cheers heaps.

Hi, here’s a question. How could I dissociate “Play Current Row” from having an effect on song, or pattern playback? i’d like to be able to toggle rows during playback, without running into trouble, how do i go about doing that?

(The reason for this is that I’m working on a ImpulseTracker keyset, and since F7 is “Play Pattern from Current Line” and 8 (or in your case, Return), is “Play Current Line”. Unfortunately, to fully make this work the way it’s supposed to, I’d have to be able to use “Play Current Line” without it affecting the pattern playback. How may I do this?)

Also, isn’t it about time that Advanced Edit Parameters were made Keybindable? ;)

edit => preferences => GUI => Pattern Sequencer => Separate Edit&Play positions

You dont have to add lines to fit more content in.

Another way to fit content between lines is to use the delay column. This will play a not between the line it is on and the next line, depending on the delay value.

while better, thats even worse…

with edit&play positions separated:
F7 ( “Play Pattern from Current Line”) now only works when playback is off.
rShift (“Play Current Line”) works when playback is off, but resumes playback from selected row when toggled during pattern playback.

so i guess there really is no way to use F7 for starting-playback-from-row-youre-on, and rShift to just play the current line, instead of messing up the playback of the pattern…

esaruoho - correct me if I’m wrong, but you essentially want to use the ‘play only current row’ (Return by default, as with Protracker etc) in a totally desynched way, the result of which would be a little like clip triggering in Live?

So the pattern is playing normally, Follow is disabled, you navigate to a row that’s got some nice notedata that you want to arbitrarily trigger and then you can tap Return (or whatever) to your heart’s content without disrupting playback?

Just wanted to make sure I’d got you clear. That would be proper cush for live performances. And yes, it’s impossible now…a very worthy feature-request, though, and probably REALLY easily implemented.

yes. exactly. that is exactly what im after. i already love renoise as a main tracker, i love to use it rewired into ableton live or anything, as a really cool step-sequencer. now the only thing missing is being able to desync it from the rewire master, and have the rewire master (or any midi-outputter at all) control “play current Line”. imagine the possibilities. you’ve made a rather straight pattern, and then you discover that its actually a MUCH better pattern when you step it in a rhythmic or shuffly fashion, yourself, on the keyboard. but then - how do you re-create that in a tracker? well, being able to send the play-current-line commands from a separate place would make it, frankly, brilliant. can ya imagine what would happen if you used renoise instance#1 to step renoise instance#2’s pattern-data? this is why i asked for it, again, now that LUA scripting exists, and i still have absolutely no idea if its possible or not, because i cant understand the response.