How Good Would It Be....

To go back in time with a huge box full of dancefloor electronica/electro records from the present day to 1980 and DJ in a club?

What the hell would they think of it?

You’d blow people’s minds fo sho’!

I think ppl would feel ripped off since they can see all that stuff for cheaper in a museum :P


I thought the same thing once. Though now I think they’d dismiss it, mostly. I wouldn’t be too impressed by music from the “future” unless it could either be touched or be in surround. Oh, there IS music in surround btw! Orbital released a dvd in surround, now I wanna buy it and go into the future…

Wh… eeerrrm… still doesn’t make any sense.

Nah, if you found the right club, like some big ItaloDisco night in, errr… Italy - they’d be well into the likes of Dexter, Legowelt, Alden Tyrell, & Comtron.

John Peel would’ve loved the music of the present day in 1980 I’ll bet. :blink:

I’ve always thought about this. I think it would be neat to travel back in time to the 50’s with our cracked out screwed stuff like tech itch or venetian snares… maybe some satanic death metal, skinny puppy or marilyn manson.
The kids would drop their hoola-hoops scratching their heads. “how do I do the sock hop to this?” :lol: Imagine what parents would think. They though james dean was a rebel :lol:

It would be even more fun to to bring some of this stuff to the dark ages. I bet we would be burned at the stake… but i’d have my fully automatic boom stick ready to bust a cap.


I tought about going back to england, late 80s and invent d&b before goldie and the other ones do.

Hehehe, and shoot your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great granddad in the process. :rolleyes:

I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to go back in time with modern weaponry and armour. you’d totally pwnz0rz all the little archers and swordsmen with a few decent guns (and a shitload of bullets…)
I know from experience, I’ve tested it out in civ 2 :)

You’re not thinking 4 dimensional here. YOU will never do that. ;) :)

True. Louis would, though. As it’s his idea.

Time-traveling mechanics are irrelevant, as it’s impossible. :P

Though, who knows, if it DOES become possible, what kind of movie-theories would be true?

Dragon Ball:
Alternate realities: Make a change in the past, the future will branch in two directions; The one you came from (unchanged), and the one you just made.

Star Trek: Only slight changes in the future, no one is affected and still remember the dinner plans you made with them before you left.

Mickey Mouse: No matter what you do, nothing changes. “Whoops, we pulled Nostradamus into the future. Whoops, seems we CREATED Nostradamus!”

Time Cop: Kick your past self and you get a cool scar.

yeah, probably. ^^

If it was I would like to show people from the past a few movies like Godzilla or KingKong.

Actually the most plausible one. Since this one:

would imply that even if you did, you would have to know it till the day you travel to the past and try to kick you exactly the same way you have seen you doing it in the past. If you don’t you would end up with hundreds of scars from exactly the same event. Weird.

My favourite. ^^

thats just too much for me, didnt understand anything :lol:

but to this whole time travel topic i always say this: its impossible because if no matter how far in the future someone would invent time travelling machine, we would know about it, because people would start to travel back in time and also into our present time

Yo man, jump off that weed already ;)

I like the South Park take of time traveling. They come from the future to find jobs in the past, and start taking over all jobs by working for almost no pay. But with 1000 years of interest their family can live good on their income. :lol:

I would go back in time and tag team my girlfriend with myself and then give my self a hi-five and be out like Marty Mcfly :lol:

Wouldn’t this idea mean that time exists in alternate dimensions? Cause if you knew you were going to kick yourself, and didn’t feel like dealing with getting kicked again for your own past self’s sake, and decided that you had to prevent yourself from kicking yourself so you wouldn’t end up with another scar, well then that would mean that you have decided to change the future, thus eliminating any change that you had made in the first place even though it happened… :blink:
what would be really funny is to go back to when you were kicking your self and yell at yourself- “look at how many freakin scars I have asshole!” both of your past selfs just looking at you all stupid going “oh yeah… didn’t think of that”.
You get what I’m saying? I’m still trying to grasp the concept myself.

And then you have the whole kill your past self deal… at the moment you killed your past self, would the future you just vanish into thin air or some shit?

Personaly I like the butterfly effect concept… you go back in time, but you don’t meat yourself, you are just your past self with knowledge of the future.

And my favorite would be to go back in time with a time machine to a minute or two before you traveled back in time… do it over and over and you have a bunch of future you’s and a bunch of time machines. That would be fresh.

Well, the time you learn about timetravel and you realize it was you who kicked yourself in the past, you can’t do nothing but travel back and kick. If you don’t, it might have big changes in future events (from your past self) which could prevent you from ever knowing of time travel so, you couldn’t travel back and kick.

This can only happen with ONE linear time concept.

With multiple times existing in parallel You could decide not to kick, but there would still be one Dimension where you actually kicked. umm… :blink: yeah

In Futurama, Fry goes back in time, humps his grandmother and becomes his own grandfather :) Yet another problem with time travel :rolleyes: