How, (if You Can) Sync Renoise With Reason?

you’d think they’d love each other having ‘re’ in their title :)

but yeah, just checking out Thor - would be good to have the sound along side some of my tunes in renoise and i’ve tried everything but can’t get any syncing :angry: even with MIDI Yoke.

export reason to wave and import the samples in Renoise or vice versa is an option, tho I can see why you would want rewire for this kind of thing.

hey hey! got it to sync now! in reason, i didn’t see the ‘clock’ options in the option menu, and didn’t have it ticked to external clock (which was my midi yoke 1 channal)

can you give a bit more info on how you got em synced?


See this thread about syncing renoise to cubase, maybe this will help you out…;hl=cubase+sync