How Many Of You Here Come From Buzz

i used jescola buzz for years
until i found renoise
its just a shame you cant use buzz machines in renoise, that would be the ultimate music software
maybe one day renoise will use rewire and this can be done


Never used it, but may I ask what the advantages of buzzmachines are to VST? apart from the fact you are used to them.

You can use Buzzmachines in Renoise, see:

oh my gosh! Thanks conner bw
i hope that works and you can use buzz machenes in renoise

the advantages of having buzz machines are:
there are hundreds of them
both generators and effects
there are some truly bizare and unique machenes
synths come in almost every type with huge variation, am, fm, hybrid, wavetable, granular, …
lots of drum machines that do and dont use samples
loads of experimental sound generators and fx
stutter fx, lots of reverbs, degradation, wave shapers, rythm gates, distortions…
the list could go on forever
you get the idea

hey i just tried it and it works!!! :) thanks again

that makes renoise the most awesome music software ever!

YAH! Glad you found the link of the buzz machines for renoise. I’m a buzz head and now I’m a renoise head, thing.