Using Buzz Instruments And Effects In Renoise

Since there have been many requests to have some kind of Buzz support in Renoise, there is a utility that allows you to use Buzz machines and instruments in VST supporting hosts so this trick works fine in Renoise as well, discovered by one of our users:

hope you like it :D

btw wavetable machines are didnt work, but im not use it :D
but zephod voidbass work s fine, this is the best bass sound for buzz.
later i will make a small pack for renoise users , so dont need to install buzz to get plugins work,

soon i have some free time. :D :drummer:

I don’t use buzz machines, but i can understand that users who are used to have the sound of various buzz effects or instruments would like to at least be able to use them anywhere else.

If you want to add some automated setup process to make all of that work out of the box i shall only try to encourage you by saying, “Give it your best shot!”

works, but some of the generators are buggy as hell & crash renoise. What are the best generators/effects I should try out?

Zephod Voidbass2


i gotta try this in the weekend.

btw hotelsinus any news about the “pack for renoisers”??

of course, the Infector.
ruff speccy, geoniks primifun, percussive FM and ld padsyn are also nice.
but most arent fully usable due to the fact that renoise hasnt access
to the specific track- commands like with Infector (retrig, arp, slides, …)
or perc FM which has accent- commands.

Yeahp i’d be definitly interested in a buzz pack… I use buzz and buze already and i love the inst. in buzz… ALSO for all of you that dont know there is a VST that incorperates the BUZZ style it’s called [blok] it’s new and ready for your testing ;) ENJOY all my buzzers have worked VERY hard on testing and testing and testing lol…

HERE YA GO ---->

niNja pWn3d

Thanks for sharing.

Would the free buzz version of Blok work with the BuzzToVST plugin?

Can we have this for linux as native vst?

Would great!


I’ve Installed everything to where i’m pretty sure it should be, and i can’t get it to run in anything (so far i’ve tried Reaper and renoise), is anybody else having problems or am i alone here?

i cant get this to work the buzztovst "shell"loads fine in renoise but i get could not find any buzz plugins message

and cant change location ??

Too bad Buzz is Windows only.

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the interesting thing is, this not working in Renoise 3.0.0
dont understang why but buzzVST not seen in the list. i think that is go to the crashed plugins db!

no,! it is not in the failed or crash db, the log file did not write an entry…

There’s not much point in using Buzz generators and effects outside of Buzz, most of the features that make them so useful won’t work properly in other hosts, and most of them are 10+ years old so the average free vst plugin will sound much better these days anyway.

I beg to differ.

Zephod Bass 4
Ninja Delay - most brilliant delay after RE201
Hi Filtron
Static Duafilt2

and so on… these are really powerfull plugins and you didnt find any vst like that…if yes this stuff sound more awesome like synthedit Free vst plugins…
i dont agree freeVSTs are mostly useless and terrible with an ugly design and killing your cpu and so on…
FLstudio Has Native Buzz PLugin Support!!! so you cant say it is not working properly,

Many of them will crash FL studio. None of the generators that require a wavetable will work properly, and the ones you listed sound very dated compared to any modern vst…several of those you listed will even crash Buzz in certain cases. lol

The note slide columns from Zephod VoidBass and Bass 4 won’t work properly in other hosts, and there’s nothing special about Ninja delay at all besides adding pattern tracks for more delay taps, which won’t work in other hosts either.

The only real advantage as you mentioned is they use hardly any cpu, and that’s only because the dsp coding is so dated.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using Jeskola Buzz and it’s generators/effects…but like I said earlier, some of their most useful features won’t work in other hosts.