How Midi Control On/off Effect ?

How can I control in real time with midi mapping or shortcuts the active/disable ??

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I wish, but no :)

i think thats the idea behind this tool:

i didn`t try it yet but i think its doing exactly what you want…

THX a lot for responses !!! But this version of baguette tool is not compatible with the last renoise… I’will wait another version…

Strange, because his topic title and contents mentions that he updated it clearly for 2.8. There is no newer version of Renoise.
Don’t trust his Blog because the contents are dated.
The tool is linked in the first post.

scuse me for my misunderstanding ;)
Yes baguette tool works fine with renoise 2.8 but in fact I search the same with a midi control of each effect… :)
I’ll wating for this…