How to add a keybinding to preferences?

Hi all,

I’m guessing this is simply done, but I am ignorant & have no idea how, so maybe you can help.

I am interested in adding a keybinding for “Silence Selection” in the sample editor… seems odd that it doesn’t have one available in the keys preference pane, especially since all the other buttons below the sample window already have keybinds by default.

I imagine it’s just a matter of adding the right code in the right place, or of making a simple tool? But again, I am ignorant.

Does anyone know how to do this?



From the main Preferences window, click on Keys.

At the top, where you see the full list of available assignments, search for “silence”

You should see

Sample Editor
       Insert Silence

Select Insert Silence and map to whatever. I set mine to CTRL+i, I guess for “insert”, but I forget exactly why.

I know though that when fixing up vox samples this made it easier to just mute all the ambient noise between actual singing

No, I’m looking to map “silence selection,” not insert silence. The problem is that silence selection doesn’t come up as a mappable option.

Does anyone else know how this could be done?

You are correct. I do have “silence selection” mapped, but not to ctrl+i, but alt+m. I knew I had a mapping for it but forget which it was.

When I mouse over the button on the toolbar I get a pop-up saying

Silence Selection
[ALT M] = when 'Sample Editor' is focused

I could not recall how this was done. so I did some searching, and found an old Renoise post by me asking the same question : )

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Great, thanks. “Silence selection” must have used to be called “mute” and it never got updated in the keybinding preferences after it was updated in the menu selection… That’s my guess, anyway.

In any case, thanks for helping get that mapped!


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