How to arrange club track?

So, if we have pop track it goes something like this:
intro-verse-bridge-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-c part-x2 chorus

The question is, how do I arrange modern club track? <_<

It’s normal for modern club tracks to have less prominent “sections”, so they don’t interupt the dancing by sudden changes. But why not try to listen to some of your favourites, and see if you can hear a structure there? I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more of that and by experimenting with your own ways than somebody saying “do this”. (and I’m no expert ;) )



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maybe its the tracking-for-twelve-hours, but this thread just sent me giggling like a little schoolgirl

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I know I could just copy arrangement from some other club track, just asking is there some basic “formula” to do it “right”.
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if even (implied) talk about figuring something out for yourself is THAT infuriating, perhaps you’d be better off getting someone else to make your music… or just buy a stereo system - oh no, wait: you’d need to use the volume control, forget about that.


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p.s. there is no ‘right’ formula to do a type of music. if there was, then radio would be inundated with boring anti-melodies sung by groups of five people who were drafted for their looks rather than singing/songwriting abilities.

Hmm … now, wait a minute … isn’t that how it is today already? :D :lol:


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Well that’s the way things actually are! :P But this doesn’t prove that there is any relation with the existance of a fix musical structure… is just telling us that the music market is controlled by the hormonal storms of teenagers :lol:

Sure, but I think the main reason why MTV and their likes sound like they do is because of peoples (mostly teenagers) lack of self confidence.

Let me tell you a little story… a scary story…

When I was about 14 years old you were cool if you listened to techno. This was back in the early 90s and popular groups at this time were 2Ulimited and …I can’t remember what their names were but they always had one girl (with big breast) singing and one guy “rapping”. :rolleyes:

(Now, before anyone says “That’s not techno”… I’m not sure if 2Unlimited is Techno or Euro Dance or whatever… and I don’t really care either… you know what kind of music I mean)

Anyway… I had this friend who, allthough he didn’t like techno, found it nescesary to go out and buy several techno albums because, as he said, “I need to have some techno when I have friends over at my house”.
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I have thought about this many times since then… Is this the reason why groups like Westlife and Backstreet Boys roam the earth? I would have to say yes. It works like this: A record company takes a pretty person, gives him/her an image, gives him/her songs and then buys them lots of exposure. The consumer (teenagers) now thinks (probably unaware): “So this is what’s “hot” now. If I don’t buy this record then my friends won’t think I’m cool”. Ofcourse everyone thinks like this and in the end the recordcompany has made a shitload of money.

…This seems like a great way of making money, doesn’t it? Exploiting the “group dynamics” of the human race. So why are the record comanies loosing money? Pricing? Napster/Kazaa/etc? You ask me… I know one thing though… If I liked Backstreet Boys I sure as hell wouldn’t go out and buy their music. Why should I? … when all I need to do is to turn on MTV and BAM! there they are… every damn hour of the day.

when you say Club I am not sure if you mean dance club or club/house/tech stuff, but the later of the two tends to base more on breakdowns and compression than on an actuall structure.
Like… how the light layer of tight hits and snares fades, but instead of leaving a gap the rest of the background gets pushed up and highly intensifies the breakdown process. Then add some fancy drumstuttering and looping and other goodies and you got yourself a song. I’m not saying it’s easy, compression ny itself is an art-form.


irony and the internet don’t mix :)

a quoting from my schoolmates when I was about 14 years old:


now I recalled this more recent one:
at the barber shop, two friends are waiting for their turn. One of them is reading newspaper. The other looks at him and says:
"what the… ?! you’re reading Big Brother’s page?! :o "
his friend promptly replied:
it’s awful, I know, but I need some topic to talk with women about…

I would say both yes and no to this. Club/dance music is not that divided into sections, but the breaks or fills are usually very prominent and form a contrast to the monotone beats. Listening to todays “trance” (as in DJ Tiesto kind of trance/club music) it is very common and almost a “rule” to have a break of say a minute with for example just strings and singing. This builds up the energy until the beats starts stomping again :) Then it’s very different between DJs if they actually play these parts or not when mixing…

That may be true for mainstream radio, but is far to general to say about club music imho. Techno/club/house etc etc started with pioneers wanting to create something different and have evolved to dance music played too much everywhere so everyone hates it. :) I believe there are still a lot of persons doing this kind of music for fun and not only big record companies trying to sell as much cheesy techno as possible.

Johan: true… I guess a more correct response is:

“modern club track” is not a well defined style, so naturally it’s impossible to give any common caracteristic of how to build such a song…