How To Automate Vst-Instruments In Renoise?

I didn’t dinf this in the manual, olny fx… Best would be to record this in realtime…

You use a DSP called the Automation Device and the very first paragraph on the page about Automation tells you this information.

I should have found this. Thanks!

It is often missed by people and we have had conversations on how to make it even more obvious in the manual/tutorial pages but not quite sure what else should be done. Maybe the sentence I have highlighted should also be in bold on the page. Or on its own line as a bullet point.

Also the fact the search engine on those pages sucks doesn’t help when trying to find these things if you don’t know what you are looking for in advance.

Happy to be of help and have fun tracking :)

I think that should do. <_<

I’m having a related issue…I’m mapping parameters from my midi controller to vsti’s and samples no problem, but I’m having issues getting the automation to record in the graphical envelope.

The strange thing is it seems to be sporadic. I got the filter cutoff envelope for my soft synth recording fine in the graphical lane, but the filter I’m using on my sample (that I have assigned to a macro - macro is mapped) won’t record my changes. If I draw in automation manually, it works fine, but then if I try to edit using the controller knob it seems to ‘fight’ the changes I’m making…then if I delete the envelope, I get nothing recorded again…shouldn’t it just re-track all the changes when I’m in record mode?

Must be pretty simple, I just don’t see what I’m missing…thanks!