How To Connect An External Synthesizer

hey all,

i found a quite cheap roland gaia synth and am thinking about getting it. it would be my first own synth (yay) as its stated to be great for beginners and also affordable. but im wondering how to set it up. i have a win7 machine running renoise, am using a focusrite saffire usb 6 as external interface (and also have an aleses qx49 as midi controller/keyboard).

as far as i understand it, the gaia handles midi in and out, so i can play on the gaia and write my notes into renoise as i do with the alesis, and i can type notes into renoise and send/play them on the gaia. i guess i also can twiddle knobs on the synth and renoise writes the midi data down.

but how do i connect the sound ? does this work over line-in ? i believe the focusrite usb6 doesn`t even have a line-in for sound but only for microphones.

any input is very much appreciated :)

edit: aha! just saw the microphone entries are also line in jacks,never gave them any thought before. the maual says "Input 1- 2 Combo XLR input sockets for Mic / Line / Instrument - connect microphones, instruments (eg, guitar), or line level signals* " would the gaia fit into those ?

You could try.
You either get smoke signals or you get more pleasing results B)

GAIA has USB Audio I/O in itself, doesn’t it?

Anyway here is the method for example.

the forum search is overrated!

(thx guys ;) )