How to convert SQ80 and ESQ1 waveROM from .bin to .wav?

I want to cut up the SQ80 and ESQ1 waveROMs into single cyle waveforms.
Someone did the Monowave and the first of the SQ80 waveROMs already here:

There are another 3 SQ80 waveROMs and 2 ESQ1 waveROMs to be chopped into single cycles on this website (under ‘SQ80 waveforms’ and ‘ESQ1 waveforms’):

These should be great single cycle packs to build custom synths from in renoise but I cant get the .bin (which are contained in the .zip downloads) converted into .wav.
How can I do this? I have tried converting them to .iso and mounting a virtual drive. It doesnt work. I have tried several .bin to .wav converters online. They dont work. Any idea how I can convert these .bin waveROMs to .wav successfully? Then I can start chopping them up into single cycles, finally I can put links to download the single cycles on renoise forum when Im finished

Use Audacity, import as raw data, then export as .wav . I testes with 1 of the .bin files and it works

If you are going to do that you can probably skip Audacity and use Renoise raw sample import selected with 8-bit unsigned.
Happy cutting :slight_smile:

The other thing I ask is that hasn’t Impetuous Knave already done this for you? Maybe the SQ80 has 4 64KB roms (a total of 256KB of waverom) hence the 4 .bin files. And the ESQ1 was just the SQ80 rom #1 spread over 2 32KB rom chips? In other words you have all the cut rom samples anyway in Knaves download. Just food for thought…

How would I import a .bin file into renoise? I tried to load it into the sample editor but it wont…is there some special way to do this?

Right click on the .bin file in the Disk Browser file panel and select ‘Load File with Options’?

Thanks, that worked perfectly.
You are right about the SQ80 ones, they are the same as the file uploaded by impetuous knave but split into four. The ESQ1 .bin look different to me. Im going to chop them up into single cycles.

can recreate the synth in renoise using the diagram on page 40 of the manual linked below

You do what you have to do. I mean you will anyway, it’s entirely up to you. Nothing I’m going to say/do (or anybody for that matter on this (or any) forum) will convince you otherwise. Is that a good thing?..I don’t know…

For other peoples reference though with my findings:

I’ve quickly downloaded the SQ80 Rom#1 from that ‘buchty’ site and concatenated the two 32KB ESQ1 rom files together. Done a byte by byte comparison of the two 64KB rom data. They are completely identical. So (according to that site anyway) at the moment it looks like the ESQ1 waverom is just the first 64KB of a SQ80 waverom.

You are right…thanks that will save me some time.

esqwavlo.bin = SQ80 (from 0 to 32768 samples)

esqwavhi.bin = SQ80 (from 32768 to 65540 samples )

I wonder why they are called ‘lo’ and ‘hi’…maybe the first set of waveforms are for the suboscillators? who knows? might have to read the SQ80 manual and think about it. because supposedly SQ80 had a suboscillator and 2 oscillators per voice…some of them had ‘crosswave’ or wavescanning

Do you know of any other synth ROMs I can download and chop?
I feel like chopping waves and trying to put together some nice renoise instruments.

I’m pretty certain that the ‘lo’ ‘hi’ designation has nothing to do with ‘suboscillators’, anything audio/synthesis related to the ESQ1/SQ80 or the data content of the rom. I’m more inclined with it is just a convention used to how the rom is mapped. ‘low’ meaning it occupies addresses $0000-$7FFF (hex) and ‘high’ occupies addresses $8000-$FFFF (hex).

I don’t sorry.
IMO surely with the ‘single cycle’ waves you have, you can start a tune which is probably the more important thing I would’ve thought.

Quick example:
sq80tune.xrns (79.1 KB)

Hey, thanks for the example. Nice funky bassline.
The waveforms sound good with the chorus and multitap delay.
I think these waveforms are better than the AKWF single cycles.

Crossfading between waves with an LFO and a hydra sounds pretty cool as well.

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