Monowave and EnsoniqSQ80 wavpacks, instrument packs, wavemaps (free download)

I cut up the monowave and SQ80 full ROMs into individual waves and oneshot samples.
I also included ‘wavemaps’ showing the start and end points of the individual waveforms in the full ROMs for anyone who wants to try and scan a loop accross them them using the ‘loop control’ tool. There is also tuning information ( check the readme ). I tuned all the waves, saved them all as renoise instruments inside a renoise song file. They are great, please enjoy.

Get the wavs, tuned renoise instruments and wavemaps here,

After entering the ‘I am not a bot’ code, left click download. It will not download by hitting ‘enter’ on the keyboard.


I’d like to grab these but the download site you have them on is incredibly sketchy. Not only does every inch of it scream “malware site” but I can’t even see where I’m -supposed- to click to download your files, because of course it’s one of those sites that is deliberately trying to get you to click on something else… any chance you could just use dropbox for these? I’m very interested in the files you’ve created.


Here not, because I use an adblocker.



O.K, heres the dropbox link

Please can you let me know if this download works for you?
I signed out of dropbox, clicked download > direct download…nothing seems to be happening.
Dont know why.

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I think there is a problem with dropbox at the moment.
The first link works though…

click download this file
enter code
click download

Hey, thank you for using dropbox for this, I appreciate it! The download worked fine. Cheers, -M

No worries, im glad it worked. first time ive used dropbox

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