How to create exponential rhythms like Mr. Bill?

Does anyone here know of a way besides automating tempo or LPB to create “exponential rhythms” like Mr. Bill shows in this video (well, he shows how to do it in Ableton)? I know it’s probably doable using phrases with different LPB, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to do it in the pattern editor too.
(video in question):

Forum search should yield some results :wink:
This has definitely come up before

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I tried that and couldn’t find anything talking about what I’m looking for specifically - just a few posts that are vaguely related but weren’t helpful, hence why I made this post.

New Tool (3.0,3.1): xStream can do it. I’ll post a couple phrase presets that I use for exponential rhythms here tomorrow
If you want to do it in the pattern editor, just creating them “freehand” is viable, or you can write them with xstream, or copy and paste from phrases. I usually just trigger the phrase, though, personally

CDP 8 has a bounce transform for creating exponential rhythms within the sample editor as well

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Indeed, that combined with Dblue’s slices to pattern tool (New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Slices To Pattern) and you can emulate the midi extraction Mr. Bill is doing in the video.

First generate the wanted exponential effect using a kickdrum for example and the CDP tools bounce process;

Auto slice the wavefile;

Then run Dblue’s slices to pattern script, auto placing note-events with accompanying delay values inside the pattern editor. Now you can change the instrument number to whatever sample or vsti you have to replace it with another sound.


Excellent breakdown! :+1:

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Where can you download CDP 8? I was only able to find a download for CDP 7.11 and from what I understand, CDP 8 is still in beta. I looked through all the stuff that comes with the version I downloaded and installed but couldn’t find this “bounce” function. Tried googling for the CDP 8 download but the results were useless, just a bunch of completely unrelated results that happen to include the acronym “CDP”.

Search for the cdp tool thread on the renoise forum and start at the last page and read upwards, there should be links to the beta processes there. Bounce indeed is a new process and not present in 7. Although beta, I haven’t had problems with it yet.

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Yeah, cdp is an arcane path, but worth the dig. Follow the thread and you’ll get it :crystal_ball:

Reform can also get you there


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