How to debug "Unkown LUA interpreter error occurred"?

How to debug this:#63

Trying to determine where it happens in the code… Normally it should suffice to insert print statements at various places to track the line or function down.

If this isn’t possible - the error must be kind of “global”, meaning that nothing at all executes - like an error that is already triggered when script/functions are “pre-compiled” to bytecode. Then it becomes a tedious task hunting that function down by temporarily cutting stuff out until, at least, the compilation starts working.

Hm, thats true, or inserting a Print, until nothing returns. It works for Rex files, not for the rest. I barely have any files in that fileformat.

Perhaps related to sliced processing / lua coroutines?

I would suspect that the file-format tool would use such a thing to avoid blocking the UI.

In such a case, you might get a better / more detailed error report by disabling this feature.