New Tool (2.7) Additional File Formats Tool

edit: Version 1.1 released. Various bug fixes and three additional file formats supported.

To celebrate the release of 2.7 gold I have released the FileFormats tool.

The FileFormats tool incorporates loading of additional file formats into the native Renoise file browser.

Loading these additional formats is as easy as any other, as they will appear as valid formats in the sample or instrument file browser as necessary.

Currently supported sample file formats are:

  • Akai MPC2000/2000XL (snd)
  • Korg Trinity/Triton (ksf)
  • Propellerheads Recycle (rex)

Currently supported instrument file formats are:

  • Akai MPC1000 Programs (pgm)
  • Akai MPC2000/2000XL Programs (pgm)
  • Akai S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 Programs (akp)
  • Apple/Emagic Logic EXS24 Patches (exs)
  • Korg Trinity/Triton Multisamples (kmp)
  • Korg Trinity/Triton Performance Scripts (ksc)
  • Propellerheads Reason NN-XT Patches (sxt) [partial]
  • Roland MV8x00 Patches (mv0) [samples only]

Download here



Should add some comments regarding a few things you may notice:

  • There is some ‘intelligent’ sample finding but if it cannot locate them it will ask you where to find the samples.
  • Some Apple EXS patches refer to wav files that are actually aiffs or vice-versa, the tools cannot currently work around these yet as we defer to Renoise
  • Some Trinity/Triton patches refer to a multisample that doesn’t exist. It will ask for the location of these sounds. If you don’t have them cancel this request and they will be ignored.

All hail!

man, if rex (and sxt too!??!) truly work (i’ll test it later), you are the absolute king to many many people here.

Is .rx2 also supported, or just .rex?

SXT support is partial. If anyone wishes to supply some test cases with known settings I’m sure I can flesh it out some more.

rx2 is an encrypted file format and thus it is less possible (i.e. a lot of work!)

Cool! Looks like a lot of hard work.

Akai S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 Programs (akp)



This is fantastic. I’m so excited right now!

This I gotta test out!! Wow!!

wow, i had no idea this was sorta ‘official’. or ‘officious’. or whatever. to my surprise, just read about this on CDM’s coverage of the 2.7 release, in their PureMagnetic interview! really cool, big big round of applause for you mxb! i don’t normally do emoticons, but here you go: :drummer:

This is excellent. I don’t exactly understand what it would mean to be able to load a “Program” file (MPC1000) into Renoise, I think it pretty much means just the samples used on the MPC1000, not the sequenced bit and song structure.

That might be a bit difficult getting this to work with Project files (samples, sequence, almost everything or everything) off the MPC models but if it’s at all possible you’d be the freaking best.

I’ll try to see how all this works. Thank you. : )

I wouldn’t mind to load sfz or/and_even sf2 :drummer:

On the MPC2000 actual audio samples are saved in ‘.snd’ format. The tool can import these. On the newer MPCs (including MPC1000) the audio samples are saved as ‘.wav’. These could already be used.

Regarding programs, the tool will read the ‘.pgm’ and map the audio files (.snd or .wav as required) to the correct midi notes.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

woah. that is way freakin cool. ty so much!! i love the new renoise

Wow, I just thought we’d get a bunch of mapped samples - MXB, you da man! x

Okay. I’ll look into these for future versions.

Any other suggestions? (no, not ‘.rx2’ - sorry!)

SF2 would be much appreciated. I wonder what else there is :)

.nki (kontakt)
et cetera :wink:

I see :) Well, Simpler/Sampler format from Ableton Live might be intriguing too ;)

Here’s my suggestion: a setting for the LUA script so that one can define a Default Folder for loading .exs samples from… Is that possible?

That’s just simply using the folder presets in the Renoise diskbrowser.
Or simply just drag and drop the file onto Renoise from the explorer.