How to Enter In Notes

I really like the Renoise tracker format but after an hour of scouring the manual, I can’t seem to figure out how to enter the notes into the pattern editor. I can get into edit mode through the “ESC” key. The keyboard acts as a piano keyboard, which I hate! How can I just enter in “C2 90…” with the normal computer keyboard characters?

I apologize if this is a common problem. I looked through the manual and just couldn’t find how to keyboard characters vs keyboard notes.


Perhaps you might like to use an external MIDI keyboard?


Yeah I alternate between QWERTY and step edit with my little Korg Nanokey depending on mood - mainly because I use a split ergonomic keyboard and my lizard brain still can’t remember which keys are which for the black keys lol.

Just like this. Pretty simple. Personally I clearly prefer the computer keyboard to a MIDI keyboard.

First adjust the desired octave. If you hit Y (or english Z) it’s always a C in the desired octave.
So if you want to get C2 adjust the ocatve to 2 and hit Y. If you hit Q instead of Y it’s C3 instead of C2.

QWERTZ :wink:


I appreciate all the replies. I was really just hoping I could enter the character “C” followed by the character “2” and get C-2 in the editor. From your help, I am assuming the virtual piano on the keyboard is always active and I just need to learn that in order to get notes I am looking for. Kind of like learning Emacs LOL.

Or, I could just order a Polyend Tacker and call it a day :slight_smile: Definitely going to try the keyboard again tonight!!!

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Luckily it’s not like that, otherwise you would need centuries to finish a song. And you probably would need to puke every few seconds. Just check the computer keyboard, it’s exactly like a piano. It just looks different,


It would make for a nice option. Often I want to alter something (maybe change octave, or change a half-step here or there) and directly entering a value would be faster then other options.

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