How to get PROPER swing in Renoise, with, for example piz midiswing?

Okay I love Renoise very much, but all means of ways to add swing is just terrible sounding :frowning:

In FL Studio and Reaper, when you add swnig, it sounds completely different.

Yes, I’ve tried all means mentioned on this forum that people rave about, but it doesn’t sound good at all to me. That is the delay column, the q effect, the d command etc, and of course, the most terrible sounding global groove.

Now, please don’t make this post about me needing new ears, they work just fine, and if you were to compare for example FL studio’s most excellent swing to that of Renoise you’d know what I’m talking about.

I have been trying to solve this problem, using something called piz midiswing plugin. But when I move the swing slider, nothing happens.

I read in this forum that you should route the plugin somehow, using a virtual midi cable. But I am a complete noob on that one, so please help me out!

And again, please, no mention on how swing is awesome in Renoise, because it is not.

Warm fuzzy feelings in advance to anyone who may help! :slight_smile:

yes it is awesome, PERIOD.

swing is specific rhythm, nothing more… so you are trying to say that you do not like the rhythms that you make? hmmmm… :rofl:

Yes it’s a real problem but the best way I think is to use the delay method with the tool (forgot the name). The global groove is close to useless because if you want to have a track without this groove, you can’t.

dspasic: I know you are just trolling, and you may argue that they are the same because of some technical reason, however, they are not. Just listen and you’ll hear the difference. I have no problems with my swingy beats in fl studio. In Renoise - not so much.

But, if anyone reads this, I think I found a “solution”: One installs Cubase and Revisit, and then piz midi swing after Revisit. Only “problem” is that it is not Renoise, which again, I love so very much =(

But hey, at least one gets proper funky swing.

for tracks with a real stucture like hats, kicks etc put the notes in a phrase and add swing to the phrase. works for me.


Nice, i didn’t even see that this is possible ! Since shuffle is mostly used for house type of patterns i think using phrases is the ultimate fix.

Rpnz Roppenzo: Wow! You are my hero! I have never used phrases before, but that was so easy to get a proper swing finally! Thank’s a million! =)))

Hmm. I took out the victory in advance it seems. =/ Meanwhile the prhase shuffle is a whole lot better sounding, it’s not quite there up with fl studio or reaper.

So, again; If anyone knows how to route piz midi swing, please help.

Meanwhile I’ll be jamming with revisit for a while in cubase.

Perhaps try using the ‘Pattern Delay’ effect command (ZDxx) within a phrase.

dude, what pattern resolution are you using? if your LPB is high enough (i.e. 16) you should be able to put your note events wherever you want using the delay column commands and have a perfectly serviceable swing value


Exactly. That’s why LPB 16 with a pattern length of 256 positions is my standard setting. And even if this wouldn’t be enough, you can go with LPB 32. You even wouldn’t need delay pattern effect commands. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m too fast in writing, every second time I write LBP instead of LPB…


I just wanted to second the idea of changing your LPB. It makes a world of a difference. I tend to do only 12LPB, because it keeps things relatively simple, yet still very flexible, as 12 is divisible by 4, 3, and 2. Yeah, numbers man… I use a lot of triplets. Anyhow, if you want to swing beyond those divisions, either increase your LPB or use delay/Q commands.

For a while I was really trying to use that global groove feature. I got close to making it work for me, but I didn’t like the workflow, because what i was doing involved rendering samples from the master track and that was too much back and forth.


I like the swing when I use it on lpb 8. It pushes things forward :slight_smile:

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I used to use 24 LPB a lot, because I like to use a lot of triplets, too. Now, I use 16LPB and this great little tool, here: Place Selected Notes Evenly | Renoise
Awesome for triplets, quintuplets, septuplets, whatever. makes crafting polyrhythms a breeze. highly recommend it. I have it bound to a key command for easy access, because I use it all the time. Even for extended triplet feel sections I very rarely use anything but 16 LPB anymore because this tool makes it so easy to spam triplets. Just when I want to get REAL wonky 15 or 7 or 9 LPB comes in handy


Hmm, I tried everything people here told me, and this comes the closest to perfection. It actually sounds quite good if you have 12 lpb, and then set pattern length to 96, and then delay every 6th row with a value of 90 for whatever reason.

However. It still isn’t the type of swing I am after. When ever i compare to the “oh so simple to use” swing in fl studio, it just is sooo much sexier.

But maybe I am missing something? At what intervals do you put in those delay commands?

Unfortunately I cannot get that tool to work in my version of renoise v3.2.1… I don’t know why but it doesn’t show up in the tool menu, but it’s listed as installed.

I’m not familiar with FL studio, so it’s hard to say how to replicate the rhythm.

Maybe try this: create the same exact pattern in Renoise and FL, then apply the swing to FL and compare results, just using your ears. In the top of the thread you mentioned your ears could detect the difference, so I’m confident you’ll figure out the timing differences!

Another thing you might be able to do is read FL documentation or ask in their forum what exactly is done rhythmically when “swing” is applied and then post back here and Renoise users on the forum might be able to tell you how to accomplish this in Renoise

try looking under “selection” when you right click in the pattern editor. I’ve set up a keybind for it, so I usually just access it that way, but it should be there as “place notes evenly”

Use built-in Groove feature on Master Channel. It requires random tries and tweaks, but does as same job as – for example – ReGroover in Reason, and similar grooving options in other DAWs.

Why do you think fl studio’s swing is so awesome , post a fl groove setting ( midi editor ) , show use which notes are shifted by how much and we’ll try t replicate it
Renoise’s Global swing is a fast way to achieve great swing settings , and if your willng to put in some work , play around with the delay column for tailor made swing .
Try that in fruityloops :slight_smile: ( yes I am aware fl stdio also has a note delay feature )

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