How To Make A Jungle/dnb Bass Sound

I think these 2 examples should be enough to explain what I mean with this typical wobbly DnB bass sound.
Can someone explain to me the mechanisms behind this sound? How is a sine wave turned into something like this?
Am I guessing right that this has something to do with LFOs and Low Pass Filters?

gracias amigos

hi :)

there are several ways to do basslines like this.
most of them are combinations of different effects and bass sounds,
a simple way is ofcouse using a timed lfo on a filter, i can make a xrns with different basslines if this
helps you.
have you ever listen to teebee & calyx ?



the bassline starts at 1:50 or something.
this is so crazy stuff and i can not explain how they do that, but to get started i may can help you :)


Yes thanks that would help me a lot.
That teebee&calyx tune is sick! Thanks a lot.
I want to mimick these sounds with a bass guitar, so I really need to understand the mechanisms behind that.
Seeing how it works in a xrns file would help a lot.

so i will do some basic stuff now. but this will takes some hours. i post it when i`m ready.

i wished someone helped me the days back wenn ive tryed my first steps in d&b. thats why i like to help you :)

i have done a small tutorial for you, hope you understand everthing.

this is ofcause only some basical stuff but to begin its okay i think. and thats the way i do this, other ppl may do this totaly different :)


Can we make this the official drum n bass thread. This is the only music I am interested in right now. I think we can all learn something if we help each other out.

I have a huge problem with drums. My kick and snare is too bright a loud. I hear a loud thud rock sound. But I want it to be thick and bouncy. I tried layering and using mid frequencies. I don’t know if I need new samples or doing the right thing the wrong way. I mean look at that Teebee & Calyx warrior track. I want it to sound similar to that.

hi marcusg!

its the biggest problem to get the drums and the bass sounds equitable together, i think. first thing you have to do is to convert the bassdrum and the snare to mono. the bass sounds should be mono, too. and the EQ is you best friend ![:)]( i know, that this needs a lot of learning,
i just started to use EQ´s ect some month ago, since i have my first studio monitors.

its also very usefull to combine different snare sounds. i have a small 8 pattern example. the snare was done by using a normal snare sample together with a clap sound. ive rendered them later,
so you can`t see how i did this exactly.

if i remember right you asked yesterday, what sendtracks are, right ?
in this example ive used a technic called "parallel compression" and its very usefull for drums.
just check out the file! and goole probably helps you to find out what parallel compression is!

would be too much to explain this here :)

so, here is the xrni, just play around with it! it`s nothing special, just a small test wich i will finish sometimes,

8patterns drum&bass

btw, to get the sound like teebee & calyx… they are one of the best, so you have a long way to go.
they also make use of hardwave synth and effects ect. that`s makes the whole thing sounds so organic.

look at this small interview

Thanks a lot. I will look into this.

According to Tebee and Calyx, they barely use compression/limiters on their drums/breaks. They layered them like hell and eq them. I dont even know how you can hear all of those drums since there are so many. I guess its about getting the perfect drum sample. Must search for some.

I have never been able to reproduce that one sweep I hear in my head. Strange, as I’m a Norwegian. And Norwegians do nice sweeps. Calyx & TeeBee (TB is the Norwegian) and Future Prophecies are good examples of that.

I did enjoy your example kasmo. But, It did’nt explain too much about the approach to making the bassweeps marcusg wanted I think.

marcusg, If you study the DSP usage of kasmos 8patterns. Try understanding what he does. And try out the different DSPs he’s using in a new project or tweak what he’s allready done.
Then download Keith303s Evaluate your life from here:…ults.php?dl=265
After that, I would recomend you check out Benefit of the Boomerangs Jong Belegen here:…ng_Belegen.xrns

Now you should have some sources to study. Hope you get your bass in place

Thanks Sinatra, except I just wanted to know about drums. I kinda hi jacked the thread. Carthage wanted to know about the bass.

My problem is creating a heavy ass bass like spor: Knock you down. But I am not ready for that yet.

thanks for your the tuts! (= will check when i get off work

Well thanks to you I learned how to create these wobbly lead bass lines.
But there’s a different sound I still don’t know how to achieve: I can’t find an example right now, but sometimes there is this stuff that sounds like really deep glissandos. They are usually undistorted (if that helps).
Hope someone understands what I mean and can help me.

Edit: I found what I was searching in the song of keith303 you posted here in the track “sub”. It basicly seems to be just down glides with everything cut off in the EQ below 300 Hz and emphasizing frequencies around 50 Hz. This is problematic for me, because when I play with a drummer I have to cut off everything below 50 Hz to make room for the Kick Drum.
Can someone post some example tracks which have this kind of bass sound (for some inspiration).

the kick really can’t come through? maybe work on a more clicky kick?

I fell straight into the hijack. Cause I read this on my iPhone earlier yesterday, and just replied when I got home. Did’nt bother to read the whole mail again, so I assumed it was you that started it. As you said thank you and look into :)

Great :)

Experiment experiment experiment. A live drummer should always be able to punch trough your sound. Would’nt worry too much about that. Sorry for not directing the answer to you. I was confused :)

Oh, he will punch through, but the bass sounds so much more “right in place” if the kick drum is below it.

A good way to start is watching your prefered tracks/sounds with a spectrum meter. You will understand the difference between what your ears hear and what your brain do with the sounds.
What you call bass may take place in the mids…

It wasnt an accident that Current Value called his album “Frequency Hunting”. Thats what Drum and Bass is all about.

true :)

another way is, loading a one pattern loop into renoise from a tune you want to sound like.
then you can switch between them.

checked out that first tune you posted.
basically, that bassline is made up of three different sounds, and that is an important production technique for bass-centric dance music. the first sounds is very heavily overdriven (probably both before and after the filter), with a very open filter. some of the mid range sounds like its been notched out on the eq to give it a numb / hollow sound. then you’ve got the ‘hoover’ bass sound which is made from two oscillators where one is finely detuned. then there’s the wobbly ‘acid’ type synth that is modulated by an lfo speeding up… just read up a bit and realised you’ve done it already, nevermind…

Hi everybody! As Jasper says on wobbly bass it´s all about control on LFOs to produce that bubbling sound. And not only for wobble basses… to produce more techy basslines sounds or Bad Company style reeces too. U can choose an easy VST bass synth and automate it´s LFOs rate to proof. Basses like Aphrodite are the first stage of making basses on drum&bass imo. Spor and so on are on the high top of dance music production. And for them it´s all about the knowledge about sound eqing, compressing, distorting and experimenting to obtain a technique that give them the ability to done it easily. I´m using Renoise about three years, probably I don´t know a quarter of the software and probably most of u know Renoise better than me, but drum&bass it´s the harder style production for me and it takes a lot of sound technique knowledge to obtain a good track. It´s faster, complex, multilayered, plenty of effects and skillz… and if u wanna make dancefloor focused DnB the standard is so high at now. Talking with many known DnB producers around the world u find two ways of producing DnB: the way of creativity, making tracks with groove, well constructed with mid quality sound but mixed and mastered by a pro audio engineer to obtain pumpin sound (this way is used by a lot of drum&bass producers, more than u can think) or to be a pro audio engineer (or have advanced audio skillz) and produce drum&bass…the second way. Lot of newest drum&bass producers had studied at well-known academies to obtain advanced knowledge or are pro audio engineers. The problem it´s a lot of people triying to produce DnB wants to sound like Spor or Noisia and drum&bass music needs more creativity at now imo. I can´t obtain a sound like Spor but I really need sound like him?. To Carthage: no serás español?..

100% agree !!! i try to find my own style :) ive tryed to sound like others and i think its very bad for the own creativity and you will allways be a step afterwards.
to get started it`s a good thing to copy others though.