How To Make Dub Techno Chord Sounds In Renoise?

I recently stumbled across a quick tutorial video called “How to make dub techno chords like Giriu Dvasios”

Video > How to make dub techno chords like Giriu Dvasios

The video is done on Ableton Live, but naturally renoise or any other daw could achive this sound regardless I belive. And As I dont own Ableton Live I tried to get the exact sound from the video in renoise but I couldnt get the sound right by just using renoise.

My question is can any renoiser make this sound, i have no problem with the chords themselves and any advice on effects or anything else used would br great! Some examples on XRNS would be really helpful!


Wow, the second he put the bandpass filter on that sound I went from to

I have done similar sounds too, but I used a vst synth gtg st2008, dunno if that counts as “legit” though. Damn I should already start to make those tutorials…

Quite an interesting video. It’s really well done. But I agree with Gashworth, it’s very hard to pull off something like this in Renoise. Some help would be nice :)

Thx for showing intrest, The guy makes it look simple in ableton :(

In ableton it IS really simple, I had it after 3 minutes with a little fiddling around. In Renoise its another story, I would almost blame the quality of the effects in Renoise but thats just frustration speaking :lol:

Ahah yer his mono voice made me retire from trying.

Fair enough. I think you would have to shove the sound through thousands of Compressors, Flangers, Distorters, Reverbs and Delays to obtain something nearly like in the video. In the video he also uses oscillators, I don’t think there is something like this in Renoise. The effects are also stronger.

Yeah well he basicly uses 2 saw waves since he doesn’t really uses the FrequencyModulation features Operater is famous for. So I tried it that way, with 2 tracks but I don’t come very close, it just misses that ‘punch’ and dynamics.

He doesn’t use anything in Live here that isn’t also in Renoise.

Urgh well im struggling with it anyways!

Its nice man, but nothing special or anything…
…I mean, I did this like 4 years ago but thought it was so boring I just threw the whole thing away.
I honestly don’t know what you were thinking uploading this useless thing…

Honestly tho’, sick work man. I’ve got a long road to go before I get all that routing down ^_^

Checking this now! Is the second link diffrent? Because it isnt working. But the first link works!

404 Error. <_<

BitArts submits the example, and then…

This is evil. You say YOU can’t do it, and then when BitArts does it you insult HIS work, when YOU couldn’t do it!

Absolutley Spot on BitArts - <3 Thank you so much for this! I feel more clear about the whole thing :D

I was making fun of noby, indeed, very evil of me :blush:

Yeah I got it but can see how people missed the second post.

Yes because I’m the one who is rude and childish towards other people :P but please let’s forget all of this and put it aside :)

And on the topic, that’s pretty nice. I’d maybe add some intense phaser there to diverse the sound further, and maybe also some slow panning thing with the ring modulator. One other thing was that I thought the delay was a bit too intense. Maybe send it to a sendtrack and make it go through a bandpass reacting to the amplitude of the signal. Still, nice work.