How To Make Dub Techno Chord Sounds In Renoise?

Oops yea I wrote things a about the delay kinda stupidly, but I think it’s too pointy as it is, and I’d make it more misty by not having as much high end in it. I do think though the phaser would work really well somewhere in it. And by panning I ocfourse meant autopan ;), just put the rate of the ringmod to like 1-5hz and reduce the ammount, that’s the way I like to make autopannings at least :)

I just finished up a stage of something using your Dubtechnochords BitArts. :)
Posted it here

main link here
Bitarts Dubtechnochords(Moonriders Rmx).Xrns

I’m going to use this as future reference.

i played around with it yesterday. it’s very nice but i need to have a closer look at it to wrap my head around it. :>

nice work!