Turkish Scale?

Wasn’t sure exactly where I should put this to get a response, so I just put it here, please move if needed.

A music teacher of mine a long time ago helped me learn what he called the “Turkish Scale”.
The only scale I have ever been able to remember.

It is essentially:


If I remember it correctly, that should be the scale, the intervals vary quite a bit while playing it. I just can’t figure out the actual name of it, as I would enjoy learning other scales similar to it.

While this isn’t it, the beginning of this YT is similar to how I was taught to play it:

Can’t really hear this one, but elements of it are in the beginning of this YT:

Mainly I just want to know the name of it, as then I can finally speak of it with it’s actual name.

I found it here

A; A#/Bb; C#/Db; D; E; F; G#/Ab; A;

A byzantine
A double harmonic
D hungarian minor (gipsy)

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i don’t know why you have the same notes duplicated… is it a scale like in indian music where you are supposed to play the notes in ascending/desceding patterns or something?

anyways, just by trying out this tool i googled up it might be:

A byzantine A; A#/Bb; C#/Db; D; E; F; G#/Ab; A;

here’s the search result:


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I just scoured YT, and I finally found it!

That’s exactly it^

not exactly sure how I transposed the entire thing 3 notes.


It is the Byzantine Scale,
Just found an 80’s electric guitar interpretation of it here:
Thanks guys! :panic:

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the scale sounds cool but it’s probably quite hard to play if one plays the quarter tone version.

what do you mean? it can be played starting from any note. (= start on any note and count the number of semitones to “jump up” like: 1, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1


I have a lot to learn about scales.
I whipped this up moments ago, primarily using it:

seems drop.io might be changing the extension to zip, it’s an XRNS.
Gotta look into it.

it’s wobble dubstep. :)

Being a cheesy poser guitarist, I’d like to think I know quite a bit about scales. Here’s a stupid little xrns with the scale ascending in the key of C - which might be more useful than A - and some improvised melodies. You can play scale tones in any order but the augmented 7th in this one sounds a bit fucked up if you use it as anything other than a passing tone, because it glues the root and flat second together in a chromatic sequence, so you probably won’t want to start or end a phrase on the aug 7th ( B).


There’s more stuff on scales at my blog, in fact I’ve just done one on the japanese Iwato scale which might be of interest. It’s mainly geared towards guitarists though…



Just spent some time working around with BitArts Dub Techno Chords.
It’s simple, but I can get lost in this, just needs an epicly heavy bassline to complete it.


P.s. Nice one Rex. :)