How to merge two xrnis?

Hi Guys,

I’m obviously missing something, but I just cannot find it.
I made an instrument for drums and one for snares, now I’d like to combine them into one ‘drumkit xrni’.

How do I do that without copying everything manually? Is there nothing like combining instruments?

Regards, Chris

No, you aren’t. There is no native feature for this yet, but it should be possible through the use of scripting.
Makes me wonder how exactly you would expect such a merged instrument to behave…yes, copy the samples, recreate any modulation/effects chains - but how about phrases?
There might already be phrases in the target instrument, should the merger then import them or - more sophisticated - ask the user which one to keep?

Edit: same goes for macros, of which there can only be a limited number.
And perhaps there are other caveats that might not be immediately obvious here…

In any case, I guess we (Renoise team) should do a simple proof-of-concept tool, because this is a pretty essential thing to support?

Yeah, I see, such a merger would not make sense in all generic situations.

What about the possibility to open two instrument editors side by side? This would make copy&paste or even drag&drop much more easy and does not restrict to specific cases like building simple drumkits.

And a small idea to add, it would be nice, if right-clicking on the name of an effect-chain in the ‘Send to FX’ column triggers the device-chain copy-and-paste menu. Or, highlights all devices in that chain. That would make copying them in an larger number more convenient.

Regards :) Chris

Currently not, but that is not quite as easy to do either because a lot of things are linked to the samples, this would also mean that effect chains and modulation sets have to be pulled along including all linked parameters. And what do do if all modulation buttons on the target instrument are already linked?
I have no doubt it is possible to do, it can perhaps even be scripted, but it will require some work. (i’m not sure why you consider merging instruments obvious, but to me it is not that obvious)

Obvious(ly) because of my biased and personal (and henceforth not obvious for anyone else) workflow. I was just used to combine samples to drumkits in the instrument selection block after messing around and resampling. Of course, the new instruments are something completely different.

So again, I emphasize the concept of two instrument editors next to each other for dragging and dropping.

Of course, this would only be a shortcut for saving and reloading the specific elements, which is possible through the context menus.

I would like to at least be able to copy and paste samples from one XRNI into another, I don’t necessarily need a GUI for it as long as I can use keyboard shortcuts. When building a complex instrument in Renoise, sometimes it would be easier to build each element separately and then merge them together, and would improve the ability to reuse instruments. Especially for large multisample drumkits. Don’t care so much if modulations and phrases don’t come across, but getting samples with their velocity and note range settings from one instrument to another would be a really nice improvement.

Three months old topic, I know :slight_smile:
I just want to point out that I now made a tool for this exact purpose: