How to mono only the lower frequencies?

I’m stuck in improving the producing skill, maybe someone of you can help out.

I want to get the lower frequencies in mono, but only the lower frequencies. Just like that:

How can I do this in Renoise? Is there any tool? And if yes, which one?
There must be something, I just don’t know about it.

Or do I really have to buy FabFilter Pro for 150 € just for this?

Read this;

prolly freeware recommendations as well in it, for example I see mentioned, though I can’t speak on it from personal experience.
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You could use a Multiband Send Device to route just the low end to a send channel and throw a Stereo Expander Device set to Mono for a completely Native Renoise approach. For something to slap onto the Master Channel, you might have to go third-party.

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Thanks guys, a “mono-izer” plugin will also do the job. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think I’ll first go with the linked one by Djeroek, this was also recommendet on Youtube and was stated as one of the plugins everyone producing needs. Mongoose also seems to be good, better than the other stuff mentioned in the KVR thread, and the cost of 50 $ isn’t too much. Fot those who want way more FabFilter Pro Q3 seems to be the one.

I thought this also might be possible directly in Renoise or with a Renoise tool, but obviously this isn’t the case. The solution with the different Sends is not the solution for me.

You can also use a midside EQ and lower the gain of the sides only. I’m not sure if Renoise’ eq has midside natively, I see a L-R and L+R option, but after reading the manual, this doesn’t seem to be regualr mid and side processing.