I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Hello everybody i finished 3 new Tracks. Hope you like them a bit

Da ich derzeit noch auf Kurzarbeit bin und dadurch über Gott und die Welt viel Nachdenken konnte, ist dieser Track entstanden, der mich durch die Pandemie begleiten wird

Since I’m currently on short-time work and was able to think a lot about God and the world, this track was created that will accompany me through the pandemic

Dieser Track ist ein Geburtstagsgeschenk für dich Andre, Du alter Lichtkrieger :slight_smile:

This track is a birthday present for you Andre, you old light warrior :slight_smile:

Dieser Track ist für meinen Lieblings Polizisten Boris :wink:

This track is for my favorite cop Boris :wink:


Nice tracks man i guess you like to blend styles and stuff.Keep them coming

Thanks Dude.
Yes, I like to mix, try and play around different genres.
But what costs the most time but is the most fun is to test the countless filters on the individual tracks and to hear yourself through the sample database :slight_smile:

Screenshot - 16.10.2020 , 16_57_01


Sinn des Lebens gefunden? :wink:
Found the sense of life?

You improved your mastering and the overall balance is much better, that’s good. Keep it up!

Hi, Dankeschön. Es klappt jetzt schon viel besser mit dem Mastern ,wahrscheinlich bleibt es eine Lebensaufgabe :slight_smile: Ich bin noch am austesten welche Compresoren, EQ,Filter und Effekt VSTs mir am besten gefallen. Es gibt sehr viele gute, aber nochmehr nicht so gute Plugins. Am meisten Spass macht es mir aber mit Vocodern und Vocal Samples rumzuspielen.

Mit dem Sinn des Lebens bin ich mir noch nicht sicher…
Ich bin kein Christ aber durchaus ein wenig Spirituell angehaucht.
Ich gehe davon aus das Gott eine schöpferische Energie ist und alles Leben miteinander Verbunden ist und der Körperliche Tod nicht das ende ist und das wir uns derzeit zu schnell und viel zu viel von der Natur entfernen.
Ich sehr das aus uns Geschlechtslose Bioroboter gemacht werden sollen die dazu noch total überwacht und “gelenkt” werden und so weiter. Die nächsten Wochen werden entscheiden wohin es mit der
Menschheit gehen wird…

Hi, thank you. Mastering is already working much better, it will probably remain a life’s work :slight_smile: I’m still trying out which compressors, EQ, filters and effects VSTs I like best. There are a lot of good but not so good plugins. Most of all I enjoy playing around with vocoders and vocal samples.

I’m not sure about the meaning of life yet …
I’m not a Christian but with a bit of a spiritual touch.
I assume that God is a creative energy and that all life is interconnected and that physical death is not the end and that we are currently moving too quickly and far too much away from nature.
I really want to make sexless biorobots out of us that are totally monitored and “steered” and so on. The next few weeks will decide what to do with the
Humanity will go …

Let’s keep it english, we don’t have secrets here, right? :wink:
Regarding to plugins you should check this out, escpecially because of your music style. I also haven’t used it yet, but this is relevant for a “professional” production. Regarding to effect plugins I would recommend these for reverb/delay, which are the most important effects in my opinion. You don’t have to spend money for filters and compressors, just use the Renoise ones. In terms of the meaning of life there’s nothing really to say, but let’s just say that life isn’t easy and space for mankind is limited.

I made a thing:

Started on iOS, finished in Renoise

edit: How y’all getting the soundcloud widget to appear in your posts?

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just paste the soundcloud link as plain text. the forum will take care of the rest.

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Not sure I follow… a URL is simply plain text, or am I missing something. I’ve tried it in various forms, without the https:// etc… but no bueno

Plain text should work. Don’t make it a hyperlink or anything. Just like this:

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Well done friend. The beat is like continuous small earthquakes got me going up and down left and right until the end.

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Yeah, thats exactly what I’m doing, just copy pasting the browser URL into the post… nothing fancy… but it still doesn’t work… a mystery I guess… thanks for helping anyway… maybe its something to do with my browser/Os?

EDIT: Got it working, the link has to be on it’s own line with no other text.

Thanks for listening friend! I like your description! :smile:

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Great! Glad you got it to work.

It’s a killer track btw! Very impressive. I’m digging the tension the reversed sounds create. And the long held notes with violent percussion. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just keep on listening to it. Good stuff!

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I bought 3 plugins from Fabfilter
FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor
FabFilter Pro-Q 3 equalizer
FabFilter Pro-L 2 limiter
and i am very satisfied with it, although it cost a lot of money. greetings mathiasScreenshot - 19.10.2020 , 22_54_06

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Nice track, ambient metal with something dreamy too. You played the guitar or this is synth?

Oh yeah!!! Good stuff. Listened a lot to Doom Metal in my younger years. Bands like Unholy, Skepticism and Esoteric being among my favorites. Haven’t heard them in years but your track reawakened that part of my brain.

I love your guitar tone. Is it a real guitar? Regardless it is full of agony and beauty. The build up from around 1:00 up to 1:20 makes it feel like it will gain speed. You know, release the pain and anger through speed. But then you are being cruel and slow things down, excellent! :heart_eyes:

Same at 2:20, subverting my expectations. Lovely stuff there building up the tension towards the climax of the tune. Well done!

I’m digging your other tracks also!

It’s all digital. Reaper/EZdrummer 2/Heavier7Strings/Shreddage 3(Jupiter)/Colossal Bass II/Kontakt 5 Instruments.