How to mute or solo samples from the left sample list

on the left side is a field where i can add more samples. If i have e.g. 2 sounds there - is anywhere a possibility to mute the other sound or switch one to solo, to hear only the one i selected?

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Greetings, Stefan

Not that I know of. I’ve run into situations where it would be useful though (example: tweaking loop points for one sample in a layered instrument). Time for a feature request?

right now, the simplest way is to double click the volume field and type in -inf…

it’s a limitation, afaik, atm

In addition, if for reason the original volume is forgotten after typing -inf, select the sample and lower the velocity mapping to 00 in the Keyzone section.

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Another option: create a sample FX chain, set output volume to -INF dB, call the chain “mute”, assign it to the sample(s) to mute.