[Tool Idea] Clipboard Store

This thread sprung an idea that could fly:
A general purpose clipboard thingy, that would have the same basic functionality as my ultimate sinecharacter-tool. It would however store any clipboard data that would be useful for copy-pasting. One real-life example I was thinking was the deprecated devices (in this thread), which can be copy-pasted into the DSP-lane.

Proposed functionality:
1.Open GUI with a keybind
2.Select stuff to be pasted from a pull-down menu *
3.Tool presents a (multi-line) textfield with the desired contents, focuses textfield
4.User presses cmd-c (or ctrl-c)
5.User navigates to wherever the stuff needs to be pasted
6.User presses cmd-v (or ctrl-v)

  • Stuff would be stored in tables with title, content fields. Pull down menu would list the titles.

Additional functionalities:
-A checkbox in the GUI to set ‘autoclose’ as in the sinechar tool?
-A method to store additional stuff, save as tool preferences xml?

Any more usage scenarios than the deprecated devices? Would this be useful at all?

All Depreciated Devices exist as standard DSP Chains in the basic Renoise installation.

Not that I’m using this as an argument against your idea, just making sure you are aware there is an easier way to access them than copy and pasting.

Oh! Did not know that, thanks for the info. Maybe it would be a good idea to update the pinned thread. Oh, wait. Uhm. It seems to be updated. Damn! Got to start reading the posts before acting… haha.

Oh well. Maybe someone comes up with an actual usage idea. :)


I interpret your idea as some sort of easily accessible “data storage” menu - an alternative to using the file browser and for loading/saving data. It’s an interesting idea, but personally I am waiting for future API versions with better support for file format import/export (chains, dsps, instruments…) and use this to make files/folders accessible via context menus.

What happened to Poor Man’s Clips tool/idea? That kind of thing would work along these lines, with a clipboard of (note/pattern) data which can quickly be inserted in places.

Also gives you the possibility to expand on the number of preset LFO and Automation curves, over what is provided natively.

You can’t access the clipboard in Lua (at the moment).
If that was possible this amongst many other things would be scriptable.

I think he means created a Clipboard using LUA function (Tables) hence my reference to PMClip and his mention of having all the Depreciated Devices stored in it. It has nothing to do with the Renoise/OS’s Clipboard as such.

Yep. As kazakore noted, this would be basically a (clumsy) workaround for that fact.

unrelated hint:

not that this is a solution to your needs, anyway not everyone knows that Renoise has 4 clipboards: see Edit => Clipboards

This feature gets underutilized by me. I was vaguely aware of this, probably because I’ve seen it on the menu. But say, am I right when noting that there’s nothing about this feature in the user manual? I tried to find it, but could not. It’s pretty self-explanatory, of course, but still.

It used to be in the older manuals.
A lot of extra information got removed or wasn’t reinserted into the new manual.
There are more people working on the manual now and there is less information in it… how’s that for irony ;).

Sorry for the OT, but I would like to have the manual/wiki page accessible through the quick-tabs, or what’s it called, here in the forum…you know ‘manual/wiki’ next to ‘Renoise.com > Forums > Members > Chat’.

Of course I have it bookmarked in my browser now ;) , but I’ve had instances before where I struggled to quickly find the page.

Agree Jonas.

In fact maybe http://www.renoise.com/ and http://www.renoise.com/board should both have the same links in the top bar links section.