How to polyrhythm

polyrythm.xrns (42.5 KB)


on another topic, some people asked about how to achieve polyrhythm (like TRUE polyrhythm, not polymeters). Which means having any type of tuplets over a straight 4/4

Which means that when a straight plays 4 quarter notes, you can have 3, 5, 7, 11 23 or any number of beats evenly distributed during the same bar

It gives a weird feeling of being on time and completely off.

It’s very easily done in renoise by creating a phrase and setting the LPB (line per beat) parameter to the desired subdivision. Be careful : the LPB is located right above the modwheel/pitchwheel of the virtual keyboard, NOT TO BE CONFUSED with “step length” on the lower left corner.

On my example:
Track 1 plays a straight 4/4 (to contrast with the polyrhythm)
Track 2 has 5 phrases :
1 : 3/4 (3:4 over 4:4 is extremely common in pop music, can be achieved with any DAW),
2 : 5:4,
3 : 7:4
4: 11:4
5: 21:4 (yeah, that means that when a standard bar plays 4 quarter notes… this one plays 21 even notes)

Of course, this works exactly the same in redux

Have fun


Thanks a lot


Just to point out that you may have uncovered a redraw bug in Renoise 3.2 with phrases. If you switch between the phrases, the lpb mark lines on the phrase doesn’t refresh/draw correctly (until you force a full refresh i.e. switch away from Renoise or min/max the Renoise window). For example switching between a 4 lpb and 12 lpb phrase you can get:

I’ve noticed something weird indeed, you might wanna open a thread on the bug forum :smiley: