How to Process DSP FX for all Samples

in the waveform tab, with right mouse button click on the wave there comes a function called Process to DSP FX.
Thats very nice, because with the effekt “Maximizer” the loudness this can be used to compensate for the volume fluctuations using crossfading loops (the sound in the loop is sometimes a bit quieter).

My question: i have 15 wav’s: Is it possible to process all 15 wavs with one operation of do i have to do it for every single wav? I can select all, but the processing function works only on the selected wav.

I believe you have to do it individually, but do check out the New Tool (3.0): dBatchProcess

It allows for batch processing of many useful functions for sample data.

the contrast function is especially great, like running a compressor with makeup gain on the audio data directly

Or, you could make a sequence of all the processed sounds in the pattern editor, select it, render selection as sample, and slice it back up

Or if you know how to code, I’m sure you could write a little script to run the process on each sample